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Shadows over the South Character and NPC repository

This wiki serves as a repository for all PC and NPC Characters for the Shadows over the South world of darkness game, as well as a reference document for players regarding houserules, setting, character creation, and lore.

New Player Information

Welcome to SotS, we highly recommend that new players visit the New Player Reference for information on how to join the game.

Setting And History

The setting for this game is unique, in that the various Factions of supernatural PCs are not overtly hostile to each other outright. The truce between them is tense, and no group thinks it will last forever, but while it does, people and former people just try to get along without the humans finding out.

History of the area
The founding of the Starke Council
The Council Era
The Council Members and the Council Primus
The Council Rules
Important Locations

Player Resources:

Character Repository:

Splatbook PCs NPCs
Vampire: The Masquerade PCs NPCs
Werewolf: The Apocalypse PCs NPCs
Mage: The Ascension PCs NPCs
Changeling: The Dreaming PCs NPCs
Mummy: The Resurrection PCs NPCs
Demon: The Fallen PCs NPCs
Hunter: The Reckoning PCs NPCs
Sorcerer: PCs NPCs
Wraith: The Oblivion PCs NPCs
Mortal PCs NPCs

Famous Characters

Characters with Fame 3 and Above. This list consists of both PCs and NPCs. The point of this is to provide a quick, handy resource for players, particularly new players who may not OOCly know who a certain character is.

The Main Stage

Characters that cap out at 600xp ascend to 'the main stage'. A second tier of play with a much wider scope.

Main Stage Characters have the following Restrictions:

  • Each player can only have a single main stage character
  • Main Stage Characters do not gain weekly or catchup XP, and cannot be given STXP, they can only gain Scene xp
  • Main Stage Characters cannot function within the normal game. When they return to Starke, they are NPCs run by an ST.

Main Stage Characters

ST Section

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