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History of the Starke/Bradford County Area:

The game's setting takes place in what is effectively the middle of nowhere. Between the major cities of Jacksonville, and Gainesville in Florida. But that doesn't mean that the area is without history or strategic import.


~14000 years ago:
Humans first arrive in the area, with them come the Garou, and Fera. Specifically what would become the Uktena, Croatan, Mokele, Bastet, Corax, and Rokea.

The Maya, the godlike spirits that inhabit the area, see this as a push against their northernmost border, and there is some scant conflict, but it is shortlived and humanity and the changing breeds meld well with the people's that would become the northern most tribes of the Mallki.

Ancient Era

3421 BC:
The Calloosa become the dominant native tribe of the area, bearing both the bloodlines of the Mallki, and the wolf blood of the Croatan tribe.

Classical Era

1492 AD:
Columbus lands in Hispaniola, two years later the Spanish land in South America, bringing the Wyrmbane Smallpox to the new world. Over the next 50 years it is spread across south america and the southern portions of north america, wiping out the indigenous populations. The Calloosa are wiped out, but some flee north, joining the Cherokee tribes and taking the blood of the wolf with them.

1501 AD:
Amadeus Starke is nearly cast out of the Order of Hermes, and comes to the new world to construct a hidden research laboratory. His goal is to research the fabled '10th Sphere' of magic. His research has unknown results, and he vanishes, leaving the lab buried deep beneath the landscape.

1595 AD:
The final battle between the Mallki tribes, the Maya, and the forces of the Wyrm, lead by Smallpox, happens in what would become Brazil, the Shadowlords arrive at the worst time, and flank both groups, believing them warring factions of the Wyrm. Many of the Maya are killed, and most of the Mallki tribes fall as well.

Modern Days

2017 AD:
A group of refugees moves to Starke from an Island off the coast of Florida.

2018 AD:
Altair Ogram, Michael Radcliffe, Joy Livingstone, and Abdul Mohammad found what would become the Starke Council.

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