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The Council Members

Eight powers make up the Starke Council, each has their own page here on the wiki with information on their holdings and their major members.

The Starke Area - Map of the Starke Area

The Court of Prince Antonin Demeskin - The Camarilla
The Sept of Strange Waters - The Garou Nation
The Sept of the Lone Oak - The Garou Nation
The Continuum Study Chantry - The Magi Traditions
The Court of Duke Tremore Halsey Of House Gwydion - The Fae
The Amenti - The Reborn
The Heavenly Houses of the Wu Tian - The Reborn
The Teomallki - The Reborn
The Court of Ada Hendricks - The Fallen
Hunter Base Echo - The Imbued
The Starke Underworld - The Wraith

The Primus

Within the Starke Council there are positions of Power, authority, and responsibility. These members are known as Council Primus. And come in four different varieties.

Primus Alphae: Are holders of a Throne, and wield the most power within the council, as they represent the affairs of an entire member faction.

Primus Secundus: Are holders of a council seat, and wield power over aspects of the council's society and culture, chief among them is the holder of the position of Gavel, who functions as the arbitor and Judge of the council as a whole.

Primus Teritae: Are members who once held a seat or throne, but have since retired. They retain some power, but their function is mostly as a sort of discreet cabinet of individuals who understand the council's needs through raw experience.

Primus Proximus: Are Proxies. They have little power save for when their function as proxy is triggered. They are still included in Primus activities and information channels to keep them 'up to date' in case they are needed to perform their function.

Current Primus Members

The following council members currently hold the title of Primus:

Seat Primus Alphae Primus Proximus
The Blood Throne Antonin Demeskin (NPC)Henri (Brian)
The Wyld Throne Wanda “Remembers the Turtle” (NPC)
The Awakened Throne Gregory Handel (NPC)Angelica (Sanityleaks)
The Dreaming ThroneCountess Hervor (Lilac Crystals) Tegan (Dro)
The Immortal Throne Morgan (Earthdawn)
The Infernal Throne Ada Hendriks (NPC)Sig (Ha-Mavet/NPC)
The Umbral Throne Penelope (NPC)Silas (Coyote's Trap)
The Imbued Throne Father Prescot 'Duke' Rawlins (Glyff) Satoru (Panic)
Seat Primus Secundus Primus Proximus
The Seat of the Sword Alkaline (Toast) Ryan(Glyff)
The Seat of the Coffer Benjamin (Fibil)
The Seat of the ChaliceAmbra Sojka (Silverbear) & Ezmeralda Flores (Shalassa)
The Seat of the Gavel Sarah (Zechstein) Jeremy (JP) & Faith (Autumn)
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