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The following characters have a Fame rating of 3 or higher. Any information listed on this page under “Famous for” is publicly available, meaning it is free for anyone to know in-character, especially if you happen to fall into the social categories listed under “Most famous among” for each character.

Note that while some of the people listed on this page are indeed supernatural, you do not automatically know this in-character, unless said character has actually broken the Masquerade/the Veil. When in doubt, ask an ST.


Hayden Harper

Fame 4 (NPC, Singer)

  • Famous for: Originally a social media influencer, he hit it big when it was discovered that not only can this guy sing, he can sing. Known for still being unusually interactive with his fans on social media, Hayden's music has taken him away from Starke and Jacksonville, on his first major international tour… including, interestingly, to Cairo, not exactly a common stop for western musicians. His legendary performance as a trio with V.V. and Jacob Miller at Slam the Dorian 2019 produced the chart-topping single 'Genius.'
  • Most famous among: Social media enthusiasts, pop music fans, teenage girls.

Virtual Vibes (V.V.)

Fame 5 (NPC, Singer)

  • Famous for: Originally discovered on YouTube and previously known only by an anime-esque virtual avatar, now a rising star in pop music, famous for her self-mixed electronic melodies. Her concerts in particular are known for their cutting-edge holographic technology, making them every bit as much of a trippy theatrical performance as they are musical. Also represented by her mascot, a flying A.I. named 'Angel Iris.' Her actual name is unknown, though fans tend to assume 'V.V.' is also a nickname based on her real name. Her legendary performance as a trio with Hayden Harper and Jacob Miller at Slam the Dorian 2019 produced the chart-topping single 'Genius.' She has recently released her third full-length studio album, 'True Heroes,' and has a penchant for pre-releasing singles on YouTube for her fans, as well as acoustic exclusives not found on her albums. Following her worldwide concert in April of 2021 taking place simultaneously on five different continents with the aid of cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology that made it impossible to tell which of the “V.V.'s” at any of the concerts was the real V.V., and her on-stage engagement to longtime boyfriend previously known as 'Blue Tron Jacket Guy' and since revealed to be named Jim Mathers, V.V. became a household name worldwide as an American pop-music artist.
  • Most famous among: Teenagers, pop music fans, electronic/house/dance music fans, social media enthusiasts.

Jacob Miller

Fame 4 (Singer/Rapper)

  • Famous for: A true hip-hop rags-to-riches story. Grew up dodging bullets and trying in vain to make peace between various street gangs on the streets of Brooklyn. Eventually discovered by talent scouts from JX Records, it wasn't until after he left JX Records following a falling-out with his manager that he really hit the big time. On his first international tour, he had a 'soul-finding' moment in China that he credits for shaping his career and his worldview as it is today. He's known for his charitable work, which he credits to 'knowing what it's like to grow up having nothing.' His signature song, 'Soulfire,' is known for its iconic, symphonic melody. His legendary performance as a trio with Hayden Harper and V.V. at Slam the Dorian 2019 produced the chart-topping single 'Genius.' Notably publicly came out of the closet as an openly gay man in December 2019 during an interview with Lydia Jackson, and has since been involved in LGBTQ+ rights activism.
  • Most famous among: Rap and hip-hop music fans, the LGBTQ+ community.

Korra Stormbringer

Fame 3 (Published Author/Novelist)

  • Famous for: Previously an amateur, niche fantasy/sci-fi author, she has only recently begun to break through into the mainstream following her first major bestselling series, A Caress of Twilight. While not quite to the point where her books are being adapted into movies, she's considered the next big thing among fantasy and sci-fi fans.
  • Most famous among: Fantasy and science fiction enthusiasts

Joy Livingstone-Radcliffe

Fame 3 (Artist, Fashion Designer)

  • Famous for: Student of remarkable talent at Jacksonville University's art courses, she exploded into the public view in Starke and Jacksonville following the surprise announcement by international investment firm Price Enterprises that the previously niche modern art gallery 'World of Illusions' would be hosting their pricy, by-invitation-only annual gala. She was also noticed at events such as StarkeCon 2019, and the Jacksonville Thankgiving Charity Convention later that year. Now a household name among art connoisseurs, Livingstone hosts all galas at World of Illusions, promoting new local artists, as well as organizes many high-end events at the Sapphire Hotel and Resort, the VIP floor of which she personally decorated. She's also the creator and designer of a successful brand of designer jewelry for sale over the internet, under the brand name of 'Joyous Jewelry.' Well-known for being very discrete about her private life, in early October of 2020, she married multi-millionaire Jacksonville philanthropist, businessman, and hotshot lawyer Michael Radcliffe, whom she had previously been dating for more than two years.
  • Most famous among: Modern art aficionados, haute-fashion enthusiasts, Toreador, Changelings, Mages.

Reggie Burns

Fame 3 (Local Rock Star)

  • Famous for: Front man for local punk-metal band 'Freakhouse.' Also known for his outspoken political views, particularly on climate and the environment. Some of his most avid fans have been known to run off to a hippie commune in the swamps, where they've formed something between an environmental activist group and a cult that worships nature itself.
  • Most famous among: Metalheads, environmentalists.

Politicians and Pundits


Fame 3 (Radio and Podcast Show Host)

  • Famous for: J.C. (whose real name to this day remains unknown) is something of a political unicorn: Starting in the year 2020, when virtually everything was (and still, to this day, is) politicized and polarized, “The J.C. Show” is one of the few talk shows with a bipartisan if not non-partisan fanbase. He is infamous for spreading conspiracy theories. Among his many claims, J.C. insisted that an international cabal of corporations including everything from Tellus Games to Green Energy Solutions had infiltrated both Jacksonville and Gainesville's innermost political circles, that the Illuminati had an active cell in Gainesville, and that cats are spies for a cult that can trace its roots all the way back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It wasn't until mid October of 2020, however, that J.C.'s show was suddenly and unceremoniously cancelled without explanation, and all of J.C.'s social media accounts suddenly went dark, that none other than V.V. (see above) came out as a fan of his that he reached a far bigger audience than he previously had. To this day, #BringBackJC is still trending on social media, and has become a meme of sorts that is posted whenever something particularly tinfoil-inducing comes out in the news.
  • Most famous among: Conspiracy theorists, YouTube Influencers?

Stacy Brahms

Fame 3 (Designer)

* Famous For: Stacy Brahms has made an impact in the local area on the definition “stylish.” “Yoga pants are so last year?” Not if Stacy Brahms has anything to say about it. It's stylish because she says it is, everything must be it from the looks to the name. And her brand is gaining traction, and soon everyone will hear about it. Already at the tender age range of being in her mid-twenties has she gotten validity to her words and advice on what is stylish… and what isn't. She has her own TV show named, “You should never wear that.” What's more though is there's a new rumor through the mill… that this up-and-comer is bulldozing her way into Jacksonville with a hot, new store based on her brand. Though for right now, there has been no confirmations on this rumor or similar ones in nature.
* Most Famous among: Fashion aficionados, Fashion Enthusiasts, Teenage Girls


Tindalos Pierce

Fame 3 (Streamer)

  • Famous For: Tindalos Pierce is a rising star in his respective communities as when he started going through college, he made a Youtube channel for two activities. He is a rather popular gamer as he uploads daily on Youtube and occasionally streams on Twitch for his gaming. His outgoing and boisterous attitude has made him popular with his fans and viewers. Though something of a mystery to the community, is how he hasn't gone to the major Streamer Conferences even though he has been invited. Though he gives reasons as to why he can't, he still remains in contact with his fellow streamers though. Other than his strange tendency of not going to the conferences, people have mostly nothing to say but good things aside from the typical people who badmouth to stand out.
  • Most famous among: Gamers, Workout Enthusiasts, Teenagers, Social Media Enthusiasts, Streamers
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