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Named NPC's

John Harper - Hunter indebted to Michael the Tyrant All favors called and currently being repaid. He has taken to gathering and working on those that were formaerly Hand of Dawn.

Division Imbued

Gator Watch

Overlord - Overlord06, the highest position known to the hunters of Starke in the food chain.
Father - Father09, the most formally involved hunter upper leadership with the Stake hunters.

Base echo is long gone, now Overlord06 and the main Imbued Group in Starke have devloped “Gator Watch” a secret hunter-net chat room for those hunters in starke.

Philip, or FamilyGuy now hold the status of Imbuned throne and reports to Overlord himself. All the while keeping hunters hidden from the FBI agent Deblief.

Most known forNameCreedHunter-net ID
Imbuned Throne Philip Defender FamilyGuy118
Gator watch Admin Tanner Visionary Arachnid221
Local mortician Bugs Judge Results147
Local paranormal artefact researcher Godfrey Avenger Wheels455
Local doctor and unlicensed therapist Daniels Redeemer Fixup622
Local Arms dealer and con-man who owes Philip a LOT of favours. Wilson Innocent Twenty288


Iron Maiden Drifters

The Bartender - Man of few words and with fewer titbits of information about him. Operates the Iron Maiden as its Bartender.

The Unknown

In honor of those Lost to the hunt

Old One eye - Crucifix21, Overseer for the Starke Hunters.
BadMuthaFucka - BadMuthaFucka187, Hunternet Troll and used for hunted flaw.

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