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The Princedom of Starke and Jacksonville

Starke and Jacksonville Florida are the territory of Prince Antonin Demeskin. Demeskin has gained permission from the Ivory Tower to join the Starke Council, and he acts as the holder of the Throne of blood.

The Prince

Antonin Demeskin Ventrue

The Sheriff

Michael Dorn Gangrel

The Primogeniture

Timilook Degalle Nosferatu
Julia Cosgrove Tremere
Dru Toreador
Jonathan Beaumont Brujah
Alexis Hawthorne Malkavian
Rebecca “Becks” Sorenson Gangrel

Other Positions

Timilook Degalle Nosferatu Seneschal
Julia Cosgrove Tremere Regent
Max Falkenrath Gangrel Myrmidon of Primogen Beaumont
Hound of Dakota Assamite Hound
Patricia Bryne Kiasyd Keeper of Elysium

Various Members

Adrian Westborough Gangrel
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