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Established by cooperation between Ashukhi Corporation, The Glasswalker Tribe, the Virtual Adepts, and Clan Tremere. The Starkenet app and computer system allows the various members to securely communicate.

Upon becoming an official member of the Starke Council, an individual is given a phone(And showed how to use it) that they can use to make calls and access the Starkenet app.

The Starkenet website itself has several functions and sub apps.


A standard web log interface for the individual to record their thoughts and activities.

For players with more than one character more than one blog can be created.


The robust article function allows for multiple uses. From articles retaining to diplomatic issues, to newsletters, to threat assessment and after action reports. Even crafting and purchase requests.

Threat Assessment

One of the primary functions of the Articles module is for members of the council to relay combat experience with other members of the council. To discuss tactics and elaborate on the capabilities of high value targets.

After Action reports

Similar to Threat Assessment, AAF or After Action Reports, allow members of the council to relay intel and combat experience. (As well as provide an additional means to gain xp)

Diplomatic Issues

Articles relating to diplomatic issues help the council discuss how best to make nice with various other factions in the supernatural world.

Crafting Requests

Crafting Requests serves as a wanted ads section for the exchange of goods and services. Cross splat requests for crafting must go through this section of Starkenet.


Trackers allow the council to keep track on individuals and gather data and intel in a single place. From individuals wanted by the council, to contacts.

Earning XP

Making pages, posts, and to some extent even comments can lead to the awarding of XP by the STs. If you believe your contributions are sufficient to award XP, make a request in the Requests channel on Discord and provide links and justification. If the STs agree, XP will be awarded.

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