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Werewolf NPCs

The Sept of Strange Waters

Title Name Deed Tribe Auspice Breed Rank
Alpha Mikasi William Powell “Walking Funny” Uktena Ragabash Homid Legend
Beta Wanda Powell “Remembers the Turtle” Uktena Theurge Homid Elder
Master of the Challenge Vanessa Marx “Cycles in Balance” Stargazer Philodox Metis Elder
Master of the Rite Jafari Azra “Grandmother's Fist” Uktena Theurge Homid Elder
Gatekeeper Ashton Clark “Guard's the Hearth” Uktena Ahroun Homid Adren
Wyrm Foe Al'Tyr “Swift upon high” Child of Gaia Ahroun Lupus Athro
Keeper of the Land Grandfather Gurahl Elder
Warder Darkroot “Hunts in the darkness” Uktena Ahroun Lupus Athro
Truthcatcher Barry Balor Flynn “Law-of-the-Land” Fianna Philodox Homid Adren
Talesinger Ron Jackson “Professor Peace” Child of Gaia Galliard Homid Adren
Master of the Howl Nokosi Kane “Wrath's Howl” Uktena Galliard Homid Athro
Den Mother Sabrina Gibbons “Hera's Thorn” Black Fury Ahroun Homid Adren
Horatio Harold Reddington Faustwood-Berringridge IV “Falcon's Decree” Silver Fang Philodox Homid Elder
Aoife nic Aodhagáin “Forgotten Song” Fianna Galliard Homid Athro
Hachi Azra “Lost in the Sky” Uktena Theurge Homid Athro
Other Garou of Note
Sue Redhorse “Dragonfly” Uktena Theurge Metis Elder
General Manager of Crossroads and Retired Den Mother
Rukia Nonaka “Crashing River” Stargazer Theurge Homid Elder
Very old. Claims to be “retired”
Issac Burris “Echo Echo” Glass Walker Ragabash Homid Fostern
Known to help the sept with tech/security issues
Other Fera of Note
Lux - Gurahl Co-owner of Crossroads and Cook
Yashee Gugan - Tlinquit Corax
Samuil Tvaravich

The Sept of the Lone Oak

Title Name Deed Tribe Auspice Breed Rank
Sept President (Alpha) Charles Wright “Big Chuck” Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid Elder
Sept Vice President (Beta) Pete Landers “Grease Pit” Bone Gnawer Philodox Homid Elder
Gamemaster (Master of the Challenge) Earik McMillen “Stag's Justice” Fianna Philodox Homid Athro
President of the Seers (Master of the Rite) Lester Parks “Rattlin' Bones” Bone Gnawer Theurge Metis Athro
Judy (Truth Catcher) Tapp “Sun snapper” Bone Gnawer Philodox Lupus Elder
Wyrm Foe Chayton “Frostbitten heels” Wendigo Ahroun Metis Elder
Groundskeeper (Keeper of the Land) Amelia Powell “Granddaughter of Osceola” Uktena Theuge Homid Elder
Big Chief (Warder) Nikolaj Wright “Mountain's Howl” Bonegnawer Ahroun Homid Adren
Textbook keeper (Talesinger) James “Derrek Hitz” Arland “Loud house” Glass walker Galliard Homid Athro
Loudmouth (Master of The Howl) Sean Skyblossom “Gaia's Unending Love” Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid Adren
Pup Wrangler (Den Mother) Tammy Benson “Backhand of Doom” Bone Gnawer Philodox Metis Elder
Officers (Guardians)
Name Deed Tribe Auspice Breed Rank
Jessica Browning “Wadda Shot” Bone Gnawer Ahroun Homid Adren
Benny Jackson “Blood and Rust” Bone Gnawer Metis Ahroun Adren
Cliff Newton “Pile of Lunk” Bone Gnawer Metis Ahroun Fostern
Josh Paloto “Runs With Scissors” Glass Walker Homid Ragabash Fostern
Other Garou of note
Name Deed Tribe Auspice Breed Rank
Buddy Franks “Lost and Found” Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid Athro
Stays and cares for the local homeless
Raul Seppanen “At Wit's End” Glass Walker Theurge Homid Fostern
The Lone Oak counterpart to “Echo Echo”
Other Fera of note
Hubcap Ratkin A 'man' that knows how to get things
Daffid “Dust-in-wind” Ffeindio Corax The ever sarcastic Elder “Ambassador” of Lonely Oak.

Betweener Packs

Pack namePack type:Pack Totem:
Ringed Eyes of the CityUrban Scout PackRacoon
Title Name Deed Tribe Auspice Breed Rank
Alpha Little Buck Sullivan “Trash-Druid” Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid Adren
Beta Collin Fellman “Gives-the-smoking-gun” Glasswalker Philodox Homid Fostern
Justyne Bates “Steals-the-paper” Bone Gnawer Ragbash Metis Calith
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