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The Founding of the Starke Council

Upon Arriving in Starke Altair Ogram, one of the Amenti, recognized something. The various supernatural factions of the area were not intrinsically hostile to one another. The area was not worth anything at the time, so no one faction fought very hard for it. This allowed a general truce between the Fae, Vampires, and Werewolves of the area.

Shortly after the Fallen, the Magi, and the Imbued came to the area, and they too accepted the unwritten but upheld non-aggression stance that the others had.

Altair and Abdul Mohammad, a magi, came up with the idea of taking that unwritten concept, and making it something more… solid. Not set in stone, but flexible and agreed upon by all. They called it the Starke Council.

With the financial aid of Michael Radcliffe, and some property owned by Abdul, they built the Starke Council Hall. And convened the first meeting of the supernatural community.

They quickly agreed upon a structure. Eight thrones, one for each major faction, and eight seats of power to balance them.

Later on the number of seats was limited to four to better fit the structure that was desired.

The Eight Thrones are:

The Blood Throne: Held by a vampire
The Wyld Throne: Held by a shapeshifter
The Awakened Throne: Held by a Magi
The Dreaming Throne: Held by a changeling
The Immortal Throne: Held by one of the reborn
The Infernal Throne: Held by one of the fallen
The Umbral Throne: Held by a Wraith
The Imbued Throne: Held by one of the Imbued

To disperse the power of the thrones, four seats currently hold positions of influence, responsibility, and power.

The Seat of the Sword: The Council's General and Protector
The Seat of the Coffer: The Council's financier and accountant
The Seat of the Chalice: The Council's lead diplomat
The Seat of the Gavel: The Council's Judge and Moderator of all Council Sessions

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