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Experience is gained in two ways. First and foremost is by the passage of time. Every character gains 2xp per week of real time so every Sunday at 12:01AM. This xp can be spent immediately through xp requests. These will be submitted by means of forum threads devoted to each character archetype. links to xp request threads are provided below.

The second way to gain xp is as a reward from an ST for participation in a scene. The ST in question will post this xp to the Storytellers' forum. The direct and intended result of this is that players who actively participate in scenes will gain xp for their character sat a considerably higher rate than those that do not.

A maximum of 30 XP can be gained by each character per month, including monthly gains. This should encourage very active players to take on a second character.

Catch-up Experience

In order to help new characters catch up to those who have been here for a considerably longer amount of time, there is a mechanic called 'Catch-Up XP'. Here's how it works: all the XP you receive from ST-run scenes are doubled as long as your character's total xp is below the current threshold.

At the moment said threshold goes up to 300XP. So as long as you have <300 Total XP, you double your XP gains from ST Run scenes. Which means that Weekly XP are not subject to the benefits of Catch-up XP. Every point of catch-up experience you receive does not count towards the monthly limit of 30.

FLOOR Experience

What is Floor XP? Floor XP is given out to new characters after their intro scenes. Floor XP = 10 XP. Catch-up XP does NOT apply to Floor.

You may spend the 10 XP without needing to justify the purchase or without requiring “training days” (which will be explained below).

The reasoning behind Floor XP is basically another form of catching up to older characters. Whatever you buy using Floor XP is what you gained BEFORE you came to Starke/Jacksonville.

Spending Experience

To spend experience you must request purchases from the STs using the following process:

  1. Click on the XP Requests link above. It should lead you to the Discord Channel called “xp-forms-and-tickets”. Find your splat's Embed and react to that Embed.
  2. This will trigger the bot to send you a DM with guided questions. Fill in the questions as best you can.
  3. Upon completing the questions, your ST will review and reply to your request. If approved, you are to make the necessary changes to your XP Log and Sheet once the completion time has been reached.
  4. Completion time is another way of saying “training days”. It is 1 IRL day per XP you spent on your purchase. For example:

    • You are increasing Ability 3 to 4.
    • Ability Cost: Current Rating x 2.
    • Your cost: 6 XP.
    • Training days: 6 IRL days.
    • 6 days from now (July 31st, 2022) is August 6th, 2022.

Note that all changes to the wiki are logged, in order to prevent cheating and to make sure everyone gets their math right.

For all matters related to justification, please see your splat's rulebooks, and be prepared to cite the book and page number in your XP justification if asked. For scene rewards, just provide a link to the scene recap post in the Announcements Thread, and you're golden. Your XP sheet is your responsibility. If you forget to add your rewards, that is on you. This game has grown too large, too quickly for the STs to track every single scene of every single character. Just remember not to cheat. The wiki logs all changes, meaning you will be caught, and you will be banned, period.

Reducing Training Days?

It is possible to reduce your purchase's training days. To do so, you will require the Mentor background. For each dot in Mentor, you will get 10% off. Please understand that this will not apply to EVERY purchase. It will only apply to purchases where you got training help from your Mentor or other NPC. (approval at ST discretion)

NOTE: This only applies to the Completion Date, NOT the cost of the purchase.

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