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These are all the major locations for the various splats, and a short blurb about them. (Note: This is a work in progress.)

Neutral Ground

  • The Crossroads - An American-style diner owned by Sue and Lux, a Metis and Gurahl. While technically under the jurisdiction of the Sept of Strange Waters, it's treated as a neutral ground for all supernaturals. The use of supernatural powers here without permission is strictly banned.

Mage Locations

  • Percy I Tower - The second-tallest skyscraper in Jacksonville, officially opened in June 2021 in Jacksonville's financial district. Curiously, every single business that has rented office space in the building is either based out of, or has a physical presence in Gainesville, Florida. It is the location of 'Project Perseverance,' a dedicated Amalgam of the Technocratic Union operating in Jacksonville toward an as-of-yet unknown purpose.

Demon Locations

  • The Sapphire Resort - A luxurious hotel and spa resort located on Amelia Island, a touristy suburb of Jacksonville. Formerly owned by Gabriel Martinez and remembered for being the site of the now-infamous Crimson Vapor crisis, it's now owned by Michael Radcliffe and managed by Joy Livingstone, and is the home of the Infernal Court.

Hunter Locations

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