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Mummy NPCS

Amenti NPCS

Ashukhi Corporation

Amelia Di'Lukka - Head of the North American Operations, Ashukhi Corporation
Alisa Noah Ab Shai-ala - Amelia's often unseen second in command
Ataru and Andaru, the twin Sefekhi - Sefekhi Twins who formed a bond with twin Sefekhi Tem'ahk

The Unbound Scroll

Achikam Em Toth - Owner of This And That. North American Director of the Unbound Scroll
Ulysses - Achikam's right hand.

The Cult of Isis

Allison Baker ab Nesheru - High Priestess of the North American Sect of the Cult of Isis
Snefru - Allison's bodyguard


Tarn Olefson Em Hemarti - Leader of the North American Branch of the Esset-a, Seeker of Osiris


Markus Rechiovich - Hand of Nakirati, Servant of An-Hepet-f, ranking member of the Shemsu-heru.

Children of Osiris

Rashid Ibn Fadlan - Child of Osiris

Openers of the Gate

Tom Bonneville - Opener of the Gate

The Hand of Thoth

Clarence Holdfast ab Hesta - Hand of Thoth

The Spiders of the Sands

Victor Randel Abbott - Regional Director, the Spiders of the Sands

Wu Tian NPCS

Qui Tang Liuxian - Venerable Wu Ti'an Martial Artist and Alchemist, her goals in Starke is yet unknown.
Wèi Zhōu Wáng - The eldest Xian Lung in the area and a master of the Wu Tian's arts.
Guang Jiang - The newest Xian Lung in the area, but is the new overseer of the Dragon's Nest.

Teomallki NPCS

Sophia Gonzalez - Elder Uchumallki, leader of the Starke Teomallki
Rodrigo Esteves - Intimallki, leader of the lanza de venganza

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