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The Council Articles

Article 1 – Representation

* All Supernatural Factions pledged in defense of the idea of the Council will elect a representative of their choosing to sit the respective Throne of their faction, in order to represent them and serve them as their voice on the Council proper.

* Each Throne will have the power of a single vote on all matters before the Council: In regards to its defenses, member’s actions, and judicial proceedings.

* Each Throne is responsible ultimately to their Faction and will represent their combined voice and interests. All issues, violations, and requests must be processed and presented by the Throne.

* All members will abide the laws and majority decisions of the Council in all pledged matters of communal defense, property and law. Internal matters of each Faction are to be handled internally within that Throne's jurisdiction and the leaders thereof, unless and until the matter involves one or more other members of another Throne's Faction. Each Faction's leader reserves the right to handle such matters without the interference of another Faction unless and until such administration violates the sovereignty or security of another Throne's Faction.

* Factions must utilize and exhaust all options within the Council for justice. Open aggression by a Faction against another Faction will forfeit the aggressor’s seat at the Council, access to any of the Council's assets, and will be subject to retaliation by all other members of the Council.

* Further Factions will only be admitted or rejected from the Council by unanimous vote of the remaining members.

Article 2 – Seats

* There will be established the following seats for the explicit purposes stated. These seats will have authority in their respective domain, in lieu of and up to voted actions by the greater Council.

* Seat of the Sword: To guard and defend against threats to the Council.

* Seat of the Chalice: Charged to represent and broker on behalf of the Council.

* Seat of the Coffer: Charged to manage the holdings and finances of the Council.

* Seat of the Gavel: Charged with officiating and enforcing Council law.

* Seat holders shall be nominated to position by any Throne. They shall be appointed by majority Yea. No single Faction shall hold a majority of Seats.

* Once elected a 3/4 vote of no confidence or guilt of offense is required to remove a Seat.

Article 3 – Proceedings

* Matters of process and vote will be handled by the Gavel.

* All Thrones may put forth issues for single Up/Down votes.

* All Thrones have a single opportunity to express their favor per issue, and many call on Members to testify during their turn.

* A measure must receive a majority of Yea votes to pass.

* Any member who speaks on the floor is subject to censure for vulgarities, slander or slurs against another member or Faction. A member who faces censure by majority vote retains the right to vote, but is barred from the floor until they face adjudication by their peers, or until the next Council session.

* Council meetings will be called by the Gavel, or by majority count of Thrones only in times of duress. All reasonable effort must be made to convene the Council, and any rule passed during

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