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House Rules

Moment of Honesty: White Wolf never could make up their mind if they wanted their splats to live in the same world, so instead of growing a pair and making a decision one way or another, they left us half in half out, and all screwed when it comes to getting the different splats to work together.

As such. We are using house rules to make the splats work together.

The Goal of House Rules

The goal of all of this is to create a coherent, level playing field where no one faction has a mechanical advantage over any other, and where no one gets to 'hog the spotlight'.

The First Rule
The most important thing to remember while playing is that the ST makes the rules, and can bend or break them in the service of plot, or fun.

That being said we have a lot of work to do to get everything working together. But fortunately for you, the player, you only need to know the house rules for the game in general, the combat system, and your splat.

House Rule Pages

Merits And Flaws

If a Merit or Flaw is listed in multiple books at different points, the Mage 20th books will always supersede the other splats because it is the latest publication. Please confirm with your ST before taking any Merit or Flaw. Approval or Rejection is at ST discretion.


Universal Merit
Changeling Merits
Demon Merits
Hunter Merit
Mage Merit
Mummy Merits
Vampire Merits
Werewolf Merits


Universal Flaws
Changeling Flaws
Demon Flaws
Hunter Flaws
Mage Flaws
Mummy Flaws
Vampire Flaws
Werewolf Flaws

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