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Custom Content for the setting:

This page serves as an index of all custom content made for the game.

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Custom Weapons
Non-standard Ammunition
Hermit Hacks - Crafting restricted to hunters, as the secrets of these strange but mundane items are guarded

Custom Magic



Ritual of the Cleansing Shadow
Type: Cascade Ritual
Dice Pool: Occult + Necromancy
Difficulty: Varies
Lifeforce: Varies

This ritual allows a reborn to use his Khaibit as a sort of spiritual cleanser, extending his soul's shadow over an area or person to drive out impurities and taint. To perform this ritual the caster must first purify himself by bathing, and anointing himself with oils and scents that reflect his heritage. (Sandalwood for Amenti, Tobacco smoke for Teomallki, and Jasmine for Wu Tian) Thereafter he meditates in the area that needs to be purified, or adjacent to the subject to be purified (In the same room). The cost and difficulty of this ritual depends on its level, and this cascade ritual can be purchased at necromancy 1, 3, and 5. The lifeforce cost is 3 for first level, 5 for third, and 7 for fifth. The difficulty starts at 7 for first, 5 for third, and 3 for fifth, to denote the ritual being far more powerful and capable of cleansing taint.

After a period of meditation dependent on the rituals level. Ten minutes for first, thirty for third, and an hour for fifth, the caster rolls Occult + Necromancy at the respective difficulty. A single success merely seals any taint that is in the area or person in question, preventing it from spreading. Two successes will purify lesser forms of taint, while five will purify greater forms of taint. Seven or more may be required to purify extremely corrupted areas or people.

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