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New Player Information and Character Creation

Welcome to Shadows over the South. Before we begin we need you to understand something. This game takes a bit of effort. The way we do things may seem daunting at first. But you're never alone in the trip from application to approval.

To join the game you first need to submit a character, and to do that you need to understand the game's format, setting, concept, and history.

Please familiarize yourself with our Banned and Limited Character Types List. Banned characters types are not available to be played at all, period, don't even ask, the answer is no. Limited character types may not be taken as your first character here (meaning they can only be requested as your second character onward after you have been active with your first character for one month), and will require a talk with that splat's ST beforehand so that you know what to expect.


The game is played via text on our Discord server. There are a large number of text rooms that we use for the game. With rules about how you post to each room. Generally a scene is one of two types. Teahouse, and ST run.

Teahouse scenes are general player interaction. With either no dice rolls, or exceedingly few. Combat is prohibited in teahouse scenes, and should combat begin (That is someone rolls init) the entire scene freezes until an ST can adjudicate it. The Scene then becomes an ST run scene.

ST run scenes are where you earn most of your XP. Each splat has it's own ST or STs, and they schedule and run scenes every day or nearly every day. Your PCs will be involved in plot arcs and attend scenes related to that, as real life schedules allow.

Voice is provided, but voice channels are not used solely to run scenes. They are done by text.


The game is centered around the real world town of Starke Florida, in the united states. The date in game, is the date in the real world. This is a real time game. One day out here in real life, is one day in there. This means that there are no time skips, but we do occasionally play fast and loose when scenes happen.

Your PC will be a member of the 'Starke Council' or a newly arrived denizen of the night. And you will have to make your way in a strange world.

Scenes rarely stray from the area around Starke, but can range the world over when magic, the umbra, and gods are involed.


This game is built around a prevailing concept. “What would happen if the different splats stopped squabbling, and started working together?”

As such the PCs established 'The Starke Council' a loose alliance and non-aggression pact between the various factions of the night.

Each faction operates in it's own ways, by it's own rules. But they generally try to stay out of eachother's way and work together to oppose the 'big bads' of the world like Pentex, the Apepnu, the Thallians, Obivion, The Wyrm and such.

The pact is tenuous though, and sometimes tensions flare. Especially when every big bad in the world wants the members of the council dead, so it can go back to business as usual.


The following pages cover the history of the area, and the important events that lead to the start of the game proper.

History of the Area
Founding of the Starke Council
The Council Era

Character Creation

The following pages cover character creation and the process.

Character Creation
House Rules

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