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Creating a Character

This game is very involved. It is not something you can enter casually, like most world of darkness games. You have to lean into it.

We're here to help you do that. And this page is the start of that process.

The first thing you should do is contact the ST responsible for the splat you wish to join. If you are not sure, ask in general chat on the discord or contact multiple STs to get a feel for what your first character will make.

Multiple characters:
If you want to play more than one character you can, but there are rules to consider before making your first.

  1. Your first character must be active for at least 1 month before you can make a second.
  2. Your characters can interact occasionally, but they may never assist eachother or profit from one another's actions
  3. You can only have one character per splat

Character Creation Process


Once you know which splat you are going to create a character for, create a concept. This concept is an overview of the PC and needs to be confirmed by the ST.

Dots and Options:
Once you have an approved concept talked over with the STs, use whatever format you and your ST can both use and are comfortable with. PDF, google drive doc, txt file.

Your sheet will eventually be put on this wiki, using the wiki to track changes and xp. And will appear something like This

The Wiki stores your actual sheet, and you will have access and permissions needed to present the sheet in a way you like. We use a Wiki because it tracks changes to pages, and thus to sheets. This allows us to prevent cheating.

No, this is not negotiable. No we are not going to let you 'just store it on your google drive'. Yes, we know it's a hassle. We have these rules for a reason, no your annoyance at them is not a valid reason for us to change or ignore them.

House Rules, and tweaks:

This game is multisplat, including almost all of the major splats. As such we have to standardize several things in order to provide a common base on which to run things. Each splat has it's own page of house rules.

House Rules

That being said we will go over a few general house rules here, as they bear being mentioned twice.


A few quick rules about abilities, which is the most common thing to change between splats. By and large any character can gain any ability from any book with a few exceptions. Only shapeshifters can learn Primal Urge, that is the Garou and Fera.

Any other skill can be purchased, but you will need ST approval for anything that is not in your splatbook. Make sure to note which skills are from other splats.


The game uses a set of special knowledge abilities for each splat called Lore. Even if your splat does not have it's own lore normally, such as Mummies, which would normally have their lore under occult, instead have their own lore, Lore:Reborn.

This applies for every splat save Demon, who still live under occult as they are very new to the world and very little is known about them.

  • Lore:Undead - Vampire lore
  • Lore:Shapeshifter - Garou/Fera Lore
  • Lore:Spirit - Both Nature spirit lore, and Wraith Lore
  • Lore:Awakened - Mage and sorcerer Lore
  • Lore:Reborn - Mummy Lore
  • Lore:Gallian - Changeling Lore
  • Lore:The Hunt - Hunter
  • Occult(With a spec) - Demon Lore


We allow players to have more than one specialization in a given ability, to a max of two specializations. The second spec must be purchased with XP, and the justification requirements in order to have the purchase approved are steep. Given that it is so hard to gain justification for a second spec, the spec itself costs only 2xp.

Submission and Approval:

Once you have an approved template, you will be asked to fill out the submission form. This form will create your character sheet, and the front page/xp log pages that go with it. This final submission is what is judged by the STs and accepted or tweaked.

Once you have been accepted, your sheet will be linked into the character repository and your front and xp log pages created for it. At that point, you will be given edit privileges to these pages, but other players will only be able to see the 'front' page. This page has only the most basic information about your character, while your sheet and xp log can only be seen by you, and the STs/Admins.



You can take as many merits as you can afford, but: We have a soft limit on 7 points of merits. Any Merits taken beyond that will require a particularly stellar character sheet with substantial justification. STs reserve the right to limit merits for any reason, including and especially preserving game balance.


You cannot gain more than 7 Freebie Points from flaws. You can take more flaws than that if you want for the sake of flavor/difficulty, but you cannot gain more than 7 Freebie Points.


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