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Founding of the Starke Council

Following several instances where the supernatural factions of the world focused their attention on the ragtag group of supernaturals in Starke, Altair Ogram set about making a formal agreement between the eight factions of nightfolk.

His premise was simple. There are major powers out there that want all of us dead for one reason or another. Our best bet is to band together. Together we live, divided we fall.

At the time, reeling from several incursions into the various faction's holdings, no one could refute his claim. And so the eight factions of the night gathered to discuss a common set of laws to govern themselves.

What came from these discussions was the Starke Council. Any supernatural with standing among the Starke Council benefits from it's protections, but must adhere to it's rules. They must also adhere to the rules of their own faction, but the council's bylaws were created so that each faction is allowed to govern itself, without interrupting the self governance of the other seven factions.

The Starke Council quickly made a name for itself in the nights of the world of darkness. And when the major powers came to squash the upstarts, they were repelled, again and again. Until the Technocrats made the decision that they were a thorn best not stepped on.

From that point forward the other major evils of the world, Pentex, The Sabbat, the Apepnu. All were forced to take a step back and consider the real cost of trying to squash the council. Since then the Council has worked dilligently to expand it's control, and reinforce it's positions in the world.

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