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Player: J


Michael stands at an average height of 5'10“ (~1.78m) and with an average build of 170 pounds (~77 kg). It's clear his job has taken its toll on him, both physically and mentally. His blue eyes behind his rimless glasses have a fatigued look to them, the kind that only somebody with a demanding career could have. His face has a seemingly permanent stubble as if he only has time to shave once every two or three days instead of every morning, the result of pulling an all-nighter and then milking every second of extra sleep he could get away with the next morning. A morning person, he is not.

It's clear from his manner of dress that he works in a white collar position, and that, despite the wear and tear from his job, he very much belongs in a boardroom. He wears the type of suit and tie that would be expected of a corporate executive, and he's never far from a to-go coffee from Ellianos, a personal favorite of Naberius' host pre-possession. Without it, he probably wouldn't be able to function at all in the mornings.

Appearance: 3

Status: 5:

  • Founder of the Jacksonville Infernal Court. Unanimously voted Tyrant by the rest of the court's members upon its founding.
  • Founding member of the Starke Council. One of only three founding members still on the Council, as the holder of the Infernal Throne.
  • Considered one of the most politically connected and influential supernaturals in the area, second only to the Camarilla Prince, Pentex, and the Technocratic Union.
  • Universally recognized as the leader of the Demons in the area, by everyone from the Camarilla Prince, to the Garou Sept Elder, to even Umbral spirits.

Eminence: 5: Unanimously voted Tyrant by the city’s Fallen upon the Infernal Court of Jacksonville’s founding. Over the next year and a half, Michael has had his power and authority recognized by everyone from two Camarilla Princes (three if you count Judas Illyrium), to two Garou Sept Elders, to two Earthbound (Arioch and Sadriel), to the Amenti leadership of Edfu, to actual Deities including Thoth and Hades, to Lucifer himself.

Veil Rating: 4: Has never broken the Veil once, and has personally patched it on numerous occasions. Known to hand out harsh punishments to any Demon that breaks the Veil, knowing that Demons arguably have the most to lose from the Veil being broken, given that they are perhaps the one form of supernatural more feared and hated than vampires.

Fame: 2: Michael is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, L&R, Incorporated, one of the most prestigious law firms in the State of Florida. He's well known as one of the wealthiest people in the state, and for his stellar record as an attorney: He was previously the Assistant District Attorney for Bradford County, before joining L&R and becoming a defense attorney, where he's infamous for utterly destroying ADA Marcus Baker in court, leading to Baker being disbarred for suborning perjury, and for a Justice Department investigation being opened into Starke PD for fabricating evidence. With a perfect record in court - the only times his clients have ever gone to prison are the result of plea bargains - and a history of pro bono work for certain low-income clients, Michael is known as one of the preeminent lawyers in Jacksonville. Lawyers, law enforcement, and businessmen would be familiar with his name, or anyone who avidly reads business or legal news.

Obvious Details

Michael wears an odd accessory; a silver tie clip attached to his tie, with a single, elongated fang grafted to it, running down the center of his necktie. 1)

Resources: 5: Everything from the designer brand three-piece suits he wears, to his $3,000 wrist watch, to his clean-cut appearance, to the type of car he drives indicates that he is obscenely wealthy.

Flaws: * Poor Eyesight: Michael requires corrective eyeware for the task of reading and driving. This usually takes the form of rimless glasses, but he owns a pair of contact lenses as well.

Less Than Obvious Details


  • Natural Leader: Michael has an uncanny charisma that demands loyalty and respect.
  • Enchanting Voice: His voice carries the weight and authority of an angel, and the seductive pull of a demon.
  • Angelic Aura: He radiates angelic authority, grace, and power even in his mortal form. To the uninitiated, people seem to instinctively want to trust him. To those who can actually see Auras (such as with the Auspex Discipline), his aura has a radiant coronal halo surrounding him; but unlike the aura of True Faith, his has a red tint, hinting at his Infernal nature.
  • True Love: While it is no secret that he and Joy Livingstone are dating, his mortal host - and relatively low level of Torment - has allowed him to have genuine feelings of love for her. It is this relationship that has led from him being the quintessential Devil to what he is now. He would not be the same person without her.


  • Demanding Career: Michael is the CEO of L&R, Inc. As such, he is bound to and by the will of shareholders, and the omnipresent need for ever-increasing profit. Even at home, he can't escape his work; he lives in the penthouse suite of a hotel he owns, the Sapphire Resort.
  • Cannot Enter Holy Ground: Michael has an aversion to churches, cemeteries, or any other consecrated or otherwise blessed places.

Banality Score: 7

Lore: Undead to recognize it as belonging to a vampire.
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