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Joyce "Joy" Livingstone Martial Arts
Joyce "Joy" Livingstone Inventory
Wonder Realm

Player: Joy

Joy the Archmage and creator of Horizon Realms


Joy as she appears on Earth or as one of the “Hosts” of her Horizon Realm (see Wonder Realm):

Joy is a lean, average tall, young woman with very light blond hair that reaches her shoulders (and that she often puts up in a messy bun) and big blue eyes, that seem even bigger behind the lenses of her glasses. She's not athletically built or strong, but she has a good sense of balance and good stamina.

Her clothes can be described as comfy, casual, sportswear or vintage, always very bright and colorful, occasionally trendy though usually by accident. She rarely wears heels, preferring flats, sneakers or derbys. She like hoodies, her gamebag is covered in brooches and stickers, and she has a smartphone with an owl-shaped phone case.

She looks like the typical art student, always her nose up staring at things only her seems to see or down in a notebook (unless she's using the notepad function of her smartphone). She's often found with paint streaks on her face and clothes, or with a brush in her hair (used as a makeshift hairpin).

She's soft-spoken, doesn't smile much but when she does, it usually reaches her ears. And when she laughs, her laughter is very soft and crystalline.

Joy the Archmage: Upon using a Life5/Spirit5/Prime5/Cor5 spell, Joy can create an etheral version of herself who is omnipresent, can blend in with any environment or magical source which makes her very difficul to target (for detection or attack). More details to be added.


To be added.

What the Mortal World Knows

To be added.

What the Supernatural Community Knows

To be added.

Backgrounds and Abilities

Background/Ability Value Notes
Lore roll for info 2 Lore(Awakened), Minimum 2 dots needed to roll, difficulty 7
Standing(Starke Council): 6 Legend of the Council, Founding Member
Banality Score: 4 Joy is very artistic hence her low Banality despite being a Virtual Adept, she's just short of being a Dreamer.
Crossroads Membership: Veteran

Signature Aspects


To be added.

Signature Techniques

To be added.

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