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  Banned and Limited Character Types
Posted by: Storyteller J - 03-06-2019, 10:47 AM - Forum: New player Information - No Replies

This is a question the STs have been getting a lot, lately: "Which types of characters am I allowed to play?" Rather than answering this a hundred times, it's long passed time we just made a thread that spells this out.

There are four types of limits we use in this game: Semi-Limited, Limited, Temporarily Closed, and Banned.

  • Semi-Limited: These types of characters are allowed, but will come with a caveat of some kind. More than likely, these types of characters, due to ongoing plot reasons, will have special rules attached to them, or will come with certain expectations we have for how they will fit into the game's plot. No, we won't railroad you into playing them a certain way, but we also don't want you playing blind, and ending up with a nasty surprise later on because you weren't aware of something going on in the game's metaplot, for example.
  • Limited: These types of characters will require a talk with storytellers. For whatever reason, these types of characters are either considered kill-on-sight to a majority of players, their faction is seen as an enemy, or they just plain won't fit into the game's setting as of yet. If you truly have your heart set on playing a character like this, we can possibly work something out, but don't get your hopes up, and if we do end up saying yes, be advised that you are effectively playing on hard mode.
  • Temporarily Closed: We are not accepting sheets for these types of characters at this time. We will probably reopen them later. More often than not, there's just too many of these types of characters in the game, and for the sake of game balance and diversity, they're on hold. Far less commonly, it's for plot reasons. Please don't ask us when they'll be reopened; we promise, you'll be the first to know when they are.
  • Banned: We're not accepting these types of characters until further notice, period. Don't even ask, because the answer will be no.
  • Lasombra and Tzimisce Antitribu: The Sabbat have a very bad reputation in Starke, and for good reason. We have had antitribu of both clans in the past, but just be warned that you're going to have to work extra hard to earn the trust of others. As for Tzimisce, please note that while Tzimisce outside of the Sabbat do exist, Camarilla Tzimisce are extremely rare and are considered untrustworthy by pretty much everyone else in the Camarilla. They almost never actually stay in the Camarilla, often only working with them on a temporary basis and with an ulterior motive.
  • Tal'Mahe'Ra/Inconnu: We don't really have them too deeply involved in our plot, but the STs are open to ideas.
  • Sabbat: Character interactions will be severely limited, because they are a major antagonist in this game. We might allow you to play a spy for the Sabbat, but be warned: If you are ever outed as such, be prepared to say goodbye to this character.
  • Salubri: Warrior Caste only, due to the Healer Caste being so rare. Do not let the Tremere find out what you really are. Not even the Prince will be able to protect you if they do.
  • Baali: Be very, very good at blending in. Your only saving grace is that few vampires even know what a Baali is, but those that do consider you kill-on-sight. You might be able to find refuge with the Fallen, since even their interactions with the Baali are few and far between, but behave yourself: Low-Torment Fallen aren't stupid and know what 'typical' infernalists are like, and the Infernal Court will have little patience for a potential liability.
  • Other Rare Bloodlines (including Laibon and Kuei-jin): Will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We know a good plot hook when we hear one, so if you think you have a good idea, pitch it to us. Show us that you know your lore, and that this isn't just about having kewl powerz.
Temporarily Closed:
  • N/A
  • Cappodocians: They're extinct. They no longer exist. End of discussion.
  • Healer Salubri: There are only seven of these in the world, and you aren't one of them.
  • True Brujah: Temporis is nearly impossible to balance correctly, so we're not even going to try. And before you ask, no, you can't use the Time Sphere in Mage for the same effect.
  • N/A.
  • Kitsune: They're virtually non-existent in this part of the world. Be prepared to have a very good reason as to why they would be here at all, and more importantly, why they would be accepted by the local septs.
  • Hakken: Same deal. Why are they in Starke, Florida, when they're almost never seen outside of Japan? Give us a legitimate reason, one that shows us that you know your lore, and we'll consider it.
Temporarily Closed:
  • Corax: There's just way too many in the game right now compared to other types of Fera or Garou.
  • Black Spiral Dancers: They're barely-sentient monstrosities, so no.
  • Nagah: They operate in packs of 2 or 3, without exception. If they're here in Starke, it's because they're here on a mission, and that means we'd necessarily have to make brand new NPCs, and that's just a logistical nightmare that we don't want to deal with.
  • Ananasi: Too difficult to fit into the game's current setting.
  • N/A.
  • Void Engineers: Their... unique relationship to the rest of the Technocratic Union makes them a possibility, but have a good cover story ready for when you show up, because a lot of mages will not be happy about it, even if they're not (immediately) hostile.
Temporarily Closed:
  • N/A.
  • Marauders: Way too difficult to work into the game with our current mechanics.
  • Other Technocrats: Syndicate, the New World Order, etc., while not being a monolith, don't have the unique circumstances attached that the Void Engineers do, and their extreme xenophobia toward other supernaturals just makes them unworkable in this setting.
  • Nephandi: Nephandi, unlike Baali, are going to have a much harder time blending in due to the fact that they don't have an autonomous structure.
  • N/A.
  • Nunnehi: Their mechanics and lore differ heavily from their European equivalents, so please show us that you know these and are capable of playing them correctly.
  • Menehune: Extremely rare in this part of the world, and they tend to shun technology and civilization in general, so please show us that you know your lore and your history, and can provide a reason for why they would be here.
  • Hsien: See above. They're almost never seen outside of the Middle Kingdom, so again, show us that you know your lore and your history, and can provide a valid reason as to why they're in Starke, Florida of all places.
Temporarily Closed:
  • N/A.
  • Inanimae: Way too difficult to properly integrate into the game, given that they almost never interact with anybody but themselves, and what little interactions they do have with others are rarely the good kind.
  • Thallain: Would be an utter nightmare for the STs, and you probably wouldn't have very many opportunities to interact with other characters anyway, at least not in any way that doesn't end in immediate violence.
  • Dauntain: See above.
  • N/A.
  • Caibri: Their mechanics are notoriously difficult even by WoD standards. We won't try to stop you if you want to play one, but speak with Glyff (the Mummy ST) first so that you know what to expect.
Temporarily Closed:
  • Amenti: Too many right now in comparison to other types of Mummies.
  • Shusaksen: Monstrously evil servants of Apophis. Given Apophis' current status in the game's metaplot, any and all of his servants are considered kill-on-sight by virtually everyone in this game (yes, including most other 'evil' factions), making them utterly unplayable.
  • Raveners: They're allowed, but be forewarned that the current makeup of the Infernal Court will not hold much sympathy for you or your goals, and if you go around telling other types of supernaturals that you want to destroy all of creation, well...
  • Earthbound: I'm very tempted to just ban them outright. Aside from their mechanics being very difficult to integrate with the game, the Earthbound are inherently monstrous and unspeakably evil, but I guess if a player can come up with a very, very good justification for how it could work, I'm willing to hear them out. After all, it is technically possible for a player character to become one in certain circumstances.
Temporarily Closed:
  • None.
  • Angels (Heavenly Host): No. Just, no. Really, this should go without saying, but I know someone will ask if I don't put it here.
NOTE ON HUNTER AND WRAITH: As we currently lack a dedicated Wraith and Hunter ST, we are not including their character types in this list at this time. This list is subject to change as soon as we have a Hunter or a Wraith ST, who may limit or ban characters at their discretion.

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  Buying, crafting and obtaining wonders
Posted by: stimtheone - 01-08-2019, 04:05 PM - Forum: House Rules - No Replies

Wonders. Every mage player wants at least one, and even non-mage players might find some use in them, but the crafting requirements can be steep, and by the time you get mileage out of it, you have no miles to give it. Mages often trade in the service of crafting wonders or keep a stock. Here are the methods one can find themselves with a new wonder:

XP - Wonders are very much a background, and in the case of some, it might be the only method to get them. For its full price in XP, one can obtain a wonder through a short, personal storyline, with full ST assistance, and such a request should not be mundane at all.

Purchase - Tass is most often used to trade for wonders, with prices depending on the actual wonder and its worth in background dots. Such a purchase should make some sense, and you should either have a crafter willing to make it or a supplier willing to sell it.

Craft - If you have sufficient ability in Prime, you may craft wonders yourself, paying the price in quintessence as needed. Such a crafting process should involve a good number of rolls to do so

Price of wonders:

Artifact/Talisman/Periapt/Fetish/Tome - 5 tass per dot, as well as half xp when purchasing it from a non-player source, with the exception of grimoires and tomes as they are in essence a small xp reduction that will never be equal to the cost and thus only cost Tass

Trinket/Charm - 3 Tass per dot. Charms are bought in batches of 10

Toys - 1 Tass per toy

Toys are a new addition we are making to improve overall atmosphere.

A wonder may often have a number of minor effects, usually one or two, depending on their dots, and unlike a major effect, which has a tangible and well developed gameplay impact, minor effects have at most a coincidental or fully negligible gameplay impact and are there only to give an item flavor.

A Toy, either if it's one-use or multiple use, is defined by having only minor effects, and can only be used to give one's RP flavor with them. Such an item can be easily explained and will not impact gameplay. If a cloak would simply keep out mundane cold as long as it does not become a plot point or scene challenge, it is fully a toy, but should it reduce difficulties or provide automatic success in such scenarios, it is at least a trinket.

Such examples of toys could be a patch that ignites when rubbed, allowing one to show the effect of a lighter, or a wand that shoots completely harmless sparkles, or a seemingly-alive action figure. Essentially they are an item version of The merit parlor trick, and should be treated as such. Toys may be crafted similarly to trinkets.

Tomes are a previously used form of a grimoire, where copying a grimoire gives you a tome, which does not have an arete score, and will not help with a seeking, BUT still contains the requisite knowledge for increasing spheres at a discount. Copying a tome will give an ordinary, if fascinating book, that will not help with increasing spheres. Copying a tome from a grimoire costs nothing but time, but in the process much of the spark is lost, and a third hand account has lost it completely from unintentional small details that are lost.

A tome has a wonder rating equal to its total dots in spheres divided by two (rounded up), so a Mind 4, forces 3 tome would have a wonder rating of 4. This can create the situation in which the tome can have a higher wonder rating than the grimoire itself, but the value of the grimoire is that not only it can help one skip a seeking, but also produce tomes without limit. Due to this, grimoires are usually not for sale, and tomes are not bought unless requested, their potential mass production actually devaluing them.

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  Character Rank
Posted by: stimtheone - 12-28-2018, 01:39 PM - Forum: Starke Florida - No Replies

It's hard to really rank characters in all these splats, but once you reach certain points you should know that the game changes. This is world of darkness, and while the grunts run around killing things, stealing, and generally doing things purely physical no matter how social or mental they are, when you reach a certain point your character will be seen differently and they will act differently.

This is by no means a restriction, or rule, or any sort of arbitrary limit. These are guide lines, and while following them won't necessarily be good, not following them might not give the optimal experience.

The ranks:

0-100 XP: New kid

You might think 100 xp is a lot. It's really not. At this point you're still new, fresh, and learning the ropes. You might be an adept mage, a well rounded kindred or an unstoppable sefekhi, but at this point the game is all but inexistent to you. Your activities will be the most lowly in terms of the world, you will clean up messes, take down stragglers, and generally see it all from street level. Make no mistake, you are a capable person, but you're still on the board instead of AT the board.

100-200 XP: Player

Again, you might think that 100 or even 150 XP is a lot, but it really is not. Skills will be higher, backgrounds better, you might be starting to have a real stash of items from all the places you've been. That does not matter. When you're here you start to see the game. You start to see the players, and here is when you start to discuss fineries. You know the places where it's at and who to call for anything. You might not know about all the splats in detail but you know they're there and what they're good at.

200-300 XP: At the board

You're no longer restricted to knowing the game. Like a mage taking his first steps into manipulating a sphere, you can start making moves in the big game, and oh boy is it big. At this level it's not unheard of for you to send other PC's to do something, or gently plant an idea to have a situation arise. The big guys start taking notice of you, for good or for bad. This is the point where sudden death becomes an actual threat, as why eliminate pieces when you can eliminate a player? Watch your back

300-400 XP: Renowned

This point marks when people of lower tiers start to learn of you before meeting you. You're a subject of discussion, either to avoid, eliminate or manipulate. You no longer make half-assed attempts at moving the community, you DO, and they listen. By this point your protections should be on point and your resources should be very well rounded, able to take on at least indirectly something of quite grand design. You're a name, and that brings benefits as well as dangers.

400-500 XP: Master

Subtle is what you have to be to stay here for long. People KNOW you often before they move in, and your renown has spread a great distance. People might come to this city only to seek your help or kill you flat. You've got a lot of people on call, some players themselves. If YOU take to the street, then shit has truly hit the fan

500-600 XP: Legend

If there was any question that you have gone to the limit, this is where that question stops being asked. You might be a master mage, a very old or experienced kindred, an elder werewolf, or a mummy that has seen a lot of judges... but people respect you, and go to you only when it's one step from the end of days. At this step do not expect going to street level to be a regular... if safe... occurrence. You might spend half your time trying to not get swamped by your own power

>600 XP: Unplayable

There is a time when all adventures must come to an end, when all characters must breathe, look back and exclaim "What a ride!". You should prepare for this during your whole stint as a legend. You must retire at this point, as your character will be so strong that anything will be butter for their existence as a hot knife. But do not despair! Death is not their intended end as you character might just be retired as an NPC to do that helping along. And before you go we might let you enjoy your TRUE LEGEND status with one last great run to show em how it's done, perhaps with some abilities thrown in for you to really just enjoy them one last time. But if your character got here and is still looking good, consider yourself to have won the game.

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  Fallen Mechanics
Posted by: Storyteller J - 11-26-2018, 09:44 AM - Forum: House Rules - Replies (2)

Due to a few questions we've had in New Player Chat on Discord, I'm going to try to answer a few of them here. Yonatan answered a few questions in this post, so please refer to that post, first.

Pacts and Relations with Other Supernaturals:

  1. Imbued: Imbued are the supernaturals most likely to cross paths with Fallen; Fallen are attracted to their abnormally high Faith, and Hunters know exactly which red flags to look for when a Fallen or any other type of demon sets up shop. While most Hunters would consider Fallen to be kill-on-sight, plenty of others would be willing to take an 'enemy of my enemy' approach with lower-Torment Fallen, and others still might be aware that redemption is always possible for Fallen who are willing to repent. Despite ostensibly already being in a 'Pact' of sorts with angels, the Demon: the Fallen Storytellers' Companion states that not only is it possible for Fallen to form a Pact with the Imbued, Imbued have a default Faith Potential of 5, the highest rating possible. Note, however, that should an Imbued break their code and form an infernalist Pact, they will assuredly be viewed by the rest of their fellow Hunters as a pariah at best and a traitor at worst, regardless of the Torment of the Fallen or the merits of the Pact itself. If their Torment level ever becomes equal to or greater than their Conviction level, they begin gaining Stigmata. See page 60 of the Demon: the Fallen Storytellers' Companion for more details.
  2. Mages: Infernalism and Mages goes back centuries, even outside of the Nephandi. Many arrogant Mages think that they can get the better end of a deal with demons, and Fallen are no exception.  It is possible to form a Pact with a Mage; and as per a House Rule, the Faith Potential of a Mage will be equal to their Avatar rating at the time the Pact is formed, capped at 5. This is because the Avatar is a 'divine spark' found inside of every Mage, and it is this 'divine spark' that allows their magic to function. There may indeed be a connection between the Avatar, Quintessence, and Faith; after all, Mages are more or less precisely what Lucifer and the Ten envisioned when they wished to impart secrets of the divine unto humanity during the Age of Babel. Note, however, that Magick feels wrong to Fallen, and isn't quite what the Fallen had intended to teach humanity. Demonic Lores change the laws of reality that the Fallen initially wrote. Magick, on the other hand, outright breaks those laws, and Demons can feel the ambient Faith in an area be burned like fuel whenever Magick is used in their immediate vicinity. Remember that infernalism is a serious crime in both the Traditions and the Technocratic Conventions, punishable by gilgul. Enter into a Pact at your own risk. See page 62 of Demon: the Fallen Storytellers' Companion for more details. If their Torment ever becomes equal to or greater than their Avatar rating, their Avatar becomes inverted, much like the Nephandi. Every consecutive point of Torment after that earns Stigmata.
  3. Vampires: Despite infernalism having a long, well-documented history among vampires dating back to before the Anarch Revolt, the Cainites, by default, have a Faith Potential of 0, meaning Pacts are not possible with vampires. That means, no, Fallen can't teach you Dark Thaumaturgy, vampires. Sorry. However, for every rule, there is an exception; the Earthbound Kupala, for example, has a history with Clan Tzimisce, and there are Elders of the boogeymen of vampires everywhere, the Baali bloodline, who have claimed over the years to have formed Pacts with the Archdukes of Hell, Belial, Asmodeus, Azrael, Dagon, and Abaddon. Whether or not that is true, and if these potent Earthbound would ever be willing to share their secrets even if it is true, is another matter entirely. But then again, if anyone could have figured out a way to form Pacts with vampires despite them not having a Faith Potential, it would be the Archdukes. Keep in mind that infernalism is a crime punishable by Final Death by every major vampire sect, including the Camarilla, the Anarchs, and the Sabbat, and for a particularly underhanded vampire looking to get rid of a rival, making an accusation to the Prince of another vampire being an infernalist for associating with Fallen would be quite an easy way to do it. See Page 66 of Demon: the Fallen Storytellers' Companion for more details. Every point of Torment a Vampire accrues acts as a hard cap to their Humanity or Path rating; for example, if they have four dots of Torment, they can never have Humanity or Path rating above 6, and if they gain another, their Humanity or Path automatically drops to 5. The only way out of this is the Path of Evil Revelations.
  4. Shapechangers: Fera and Garou tend to be instinctually hostile to Fallen on sight, due to the scent of the Wyrm. The scent of a Fallen's Wyrm taint is proportional to a Fallen's Torment score; a High-Torment Fallen will invariably have a stronger taint than a Low-Torment Fallen. If, however, a Fera somehow manages to form a Pact with a Fallen despite this, the Fera or Garou will likewise become tainted, and will slowly driven insane until the Fera or Garou is hunted down and killed by his or her kin. Basically, it's a bad idea and it won't end well. See Demon: the Fallen Storytellers' Companion Page 69 for more details.
The following supernaturals do not have mechanics listed for them in any books that I am aware of. If you know of any, please show them to me. Until then, the following House Rules are in effect:
  1. Fae: The Fallen are notoriously banal to the Changelings, and few Fae can stand to be in their presence for long. Fae and Fallen tend to avoid one another; the Fae did not exist before the Fall, and are thus a total mystery to them. Meanwhile, Fae tend to view Fallen the same way every other type of supernatural views 'Demons,' even if they're perceptive enough to know that Fallen are not the same thing as, say, a Bane. If a Changeling were to attempt to form a Pact with a Fallen, the Changeling must first make a Banality roll with a difficulty of the Fallen's Banality rating plus two. If the roll fails, the Changeling is overcome by banality, and must immediately put as much distance between the Changeling and her would-be master as possible, and naturally, the Pact is not formed. If the roll is botched, the Pact fails, and the Changeling gains two points of Banality. If, however, the roll succeeds, the Fallen must invest at least one of the Fae's Faith into a point of Wyrd. A Fae's Faith Potential is equal to the Fae's Wyrd rating, with a maximum Faith Potential of 5. Please note that only Changelings may form Pacts with the Fallen. Other types of Fae are not human enough to have a Faith Potential. Each point of Torment is treated as an additional point of Banality for Fae. Meaning, these two ratings stack.
  2. Amenti: The Fallen violate the Balance with their very existence, due to having escaped their punishment in hell, regardless of whether or not their punishment was deserved. The pagan gods that the Amenti serve are likewise not fans of the Fallen, and in many cases, the feeling is mutual. For example, Anubis, God of the Underworld, is viewed by many of House Halaku as a usurper, whereas Anubis views the Fallen the same way he views any other angel: With contempt. The very nature of the Balance prevents mummies from forming a Pact with the Fallen. Any attempt by an Amenti to form a Pact will automatically fail, and that Amenti is going to have some explaining to do the next time she talks to the Judges...
  3. Wraiths: For obvious reasons, Wraiths cannot form Pacts with Fallen. They're not alive, they have no 'divine spark,' and most Fallen can't even perceive them without the aid of the Lore of Spirits. They have a Faith Potential of 0, no exceptions.
What is Demonology?
'Demonology' is an Expert Knowledge introduced in Clanbook: Baali. Unlike Occult, which functions as 'Lore: Demons' as far as the Fallen are concerned, Demonology is explicitly related to the summoning of demons, and is the knowledge of choice for infernalists who wish to engage in diabolism, and thus would be known by characters such as Baali and Nephandi, or particularly dedicated hunters of the infernal. Demonology could possibly be used to summon Fallen from the Abyss, given that the Demonologist also knows that Fallen's True Name, but it could also be used to summon other creatures that many infernalists refer to as 'demons,' such as Banes, Malfeans, or even particularly powerful Spectres. Few true infernalists know - or even care to know - the difference, as their very existence is defined by service to their dark masters. Use this Expert Knowledge at your own risk!

But why are they calling me 'Firstborn?'
This isn't so much a mechanic as it is possibly useful information. Basically, Fallen have been in this game long enough for the inhabitants of Starke to recognize that Fallen, despite being colloquially known as 'demons' (something to which many Fallen themselves would not object), are not a monolith, and are not as universally malevolent as many would believe demons to be. Thus, 'demon' has become something of a pejorative term in Starke, and many non-Fallen tend to refer to Fallen instead as 'Firstborn' (as in, the 'first born' species, the first creations of God) as a sort of politically correct term. The Fallen themselves don't seem to care what they are called, and are content to let the other inhaitants of Starke refer to them as such if it makes them feel better.

  1. You will not receive a point of Temporary Torment for accidentally using the High-Torment form of an Evocation unless the results of the roll would violate the character's standing on the Hierarchy of Sins. You will, however, receive one if you use the High-Torment form of an Evocation on purpose. Torment will otherwise be accrued normally as per the Hierarchy of Sins.
  2. You can shed one Temporary Torment per month, so long as you did not accrue any Temporary Torment for that month. For example, if you gain one point of Temporary Torment in January, but gain no points in February, you will lose one point at the beginning of March. If you gain no more points in March, you'll lose another at the beginning of April. This is meant to be a quality of life rule for Demon players, but because Torment is fundamentally different than, say, Paradox for Mages, we cannot be as generous as their system is. Torment is very easy to gain and very hard to lose for a reason. Note that you cannot lose Permanent Torment in this fashion; if you have 0 Temporary Torment at the end of a month in which you did not gain any Torment, you don't suddenly drop down to a lower point of Permanent Torment.
  3. Players will be allowed to make one journal entry per week describing their character performing a 'good deed.' During this entry, the player may make a conscience roll, difficulty their Permanent Torment Score +1. This reflects how characters become increasingly indifferent to acts of kindness and lose their sense of compassion with each point of Torment. You may not use Willpower for an automatic success on this roll. If successful, the player loses one point of Temporary Torment upon ST confirmation. Permanent Torment may not be lowered this way, and must be lowered by spending XP. This roll cannot botch, but if it fails, obviously, your Temporary Torment stays the same, and you may not make another attempt until the following week. NOTE: In order for a good deed to be considered a good deed, the deed must be truly selfless in nature. That means your character gains nothing from it, so no, forming a Pact and curing a terminal cancer patient does not count. Using Lore of Awakening to cure a total stranger, however, would. When you complete a journal entry with a good deed that you believe could lower your Temporary Torment, just poke me on Discord to approve it. Note that you can make these entries in the same month that you gained a point of Temporary Torment, but not in the same week. This method is the only way that you can lose more than one point of Temporary Torment in the same month.
  4. You cannot reach Torment 0 by spending XP. The lowest level you can reach by spending XP is Torment 1. If, however, someone ever does reach Torment 1 and wishes to try to reach Torment 0 and thereby seek forgiveness from the Heavenly Host, it might be possible some other way...
  5. If a character somehow reaches Torment 10 (and hasn't been killed by the other player characters for being an utter monster in the process), that player has two choices: Temporarily retire their character and maybe have that character escape hell again in the future, or attempt to become Earthbound. If the character successfully becomes Earthbound, well... let's just cross that bridge if we come to it.
  6. We are using the rules in the Player's Hand Book Errata for Torment in Evocations:
    Quote:When making an evocation roll, compare your successes to your Torment- if more of the successes rolled show numbers equal to or less than the character's Torment, the high-Torment effect occurs.

    Example: Magdiel wishes to use Decay on the body of a cancer patient. Magdiel's Stamina is 2 and her Medicine is 3, for a total of five dice, and her current Torment is 7. The difficulty for the roll is a standard 6. Adam gets three successes: 7, 9, and 9. He has more successes that are greater than his Torment, so the evocation works as planned. If he'd rolled 6, 6, and 8, however, the high-Torment effect would have occurred, decaying everything around the character.

    Botches cancel successes starting with the highest successes rolled. (pages 161 and 169)

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  The Cannibal Killer
Posted by: Glyff - 11-16-2018, 12:20 PM - Forum: IC Content - No Replies

The Cannibal Killer
Solo Content

The Leadup:

Your character has caught onto the track of an Amkhat cultist.  Either by skill or raw luck.  Now, you have to move in and take him down, before he murders someone else.


This content rewards 3XP to the character involved.

Part 1: Journal Setup

Make a Journal post with the following header.

Solo Content: The Cannibal Killer

In this journal post you will record all of the dice rolls involved in the conflict, as well as describe every action taken by you and the Dice controlled NPC.

Step 1: Start the post with the following

The Cannibal Killer:

[Character name] tracks down the Amkhat's hideout, and through force or skill gains entry to the abandoned building the Amkhat is using to hideout.

Step 2: The hunt.

Roll Dex + Stealth.  A minimum of four successes are needed to hide from the very paranoid Amkhat, if you achieve four successes, you go first, if you do not, the Amkhat goes first.

Record the dice roll from discord in the journal entry.

Step 3: The Fight.

The Amkhat has 4 soak dice, and can soak lethal damage, but not aggravated.  The amkhat also has a total of 6 Health levels, but does not take wound penalties on his rolls.  You will be rolling for the Amkhat when it needs to dodge or soak damage.  The Amkhat always dodges at 5 dice, and soaks at 4 dice.  And does not take multiple action penalties on its defensive rolls.

Copy and paste all rolls made by the Amkhat into your journal as you make them.

On the Amkhat's turn, you will roll 1d3 using the following roll code, as this determines what the Amkhat does on its turn.

/r 1d3 #action card

Record this in the journal each time you use it.

If the Amkhat incapacitates you, it flees, not knowing if you have backup.  If you incapacitate the Amkhat, your character gains 3xp.

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  The Starke Ledger
Posted by: Storyteller J - 11-09-2018, 01:27 PM - Forum: Starke Florida - Replies (1)

An Early Thanksgiving Miracle

An extraordinary event happened at Starke Regional Medical Center earlier today. Ada Hendricks, 14, suddenly sat up and asked for Coca-Cola after being declared legally braindead for more than eighty hours, following a tragic car accident while walking home from Bradford High School.

"I am not at liberty to break doctor-patient privilege, but in all my years as a physician, I have never seen anything like this," Dr. Mallory Conrad of the SRMC Intensive Care Unit said. "We were trying to convince her parents that it would be in their daughter's best interests to end life support. When we came back to her room, she was trying to speak through her respirator mask."

The National Institute of Health has already expressed interest in Hendricks' case.

"Our daughter is alive!" Ada's mother, Mrs. Melissa Hendricks said. "Praise the Lord. That's... that's all I can say. Today God gave me my daughter back."

Both her family and the medical staff at SRMC requested that the media respect Miss Hendricks' privacy, while more tests are being run to ensure her long term recovery. A lawyer representing the family said Miss Hendricks will speak to the media if and when she is feeling well enough to answer questions.

Ada Hendricks, 14 years old, was struck by a car driven by a man believed to be under the influence of narcotics Monday night. Liam Flannery is being held on $50,000 bond for driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in bodily harm, endangering the welfare of a minor, and possession of illegal narcotics.

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Posted by: Megan Jones - 10-28-2018, 02:28 AM - Forum: Discussion Forum - No Replies

I wanted to thank everyone for a great day of roleplay, yesterday.  I had a lot of fun while it lasted.

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  Hunter Mechanics
Posted by: stimtheone - 10-06-2018, 03:57 PM - Forum: House Rules - Replies (3)

As Hunter is a splat that very much does not want to work with the others, we will try to put down rules so that they can at least work at the same speed.

1. You may cash in conviction either: once a month for each virtue (so you may raise at the most mercy, vision and zeal once in a month and no more) OR twice a month for your favored virtue (to make it easier to keep it ahead of the others, but also at a cost of cashing in less per month). This does not limit your gains or losses, only how many times a month you may cash in conviction
2. Aggravated damage is a thing. PERIOD. While hunters may suffer it, any limitations of aggravated damage falls when interacting with other types of supernaturals. Edges that heal will heal aggravated damage ON HUNTERS ONLY and will not heal on any other.

A list of what edges may deal aggravated damage will be soon provided

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  Interpretations of Book Rules
Posted by: YonatanHuber - 10-02-2018, 04:09 AM - Forum: House Rules - Replies (1)

These here are NOT house rules, they are interpretations of existing rules in the books, clarifications, finer points, etc.
I see a growing level of people mis-reading entries, which is to be understood with white wolf, so here I'll put Clarifications.

Resources Background:
The single most misunderstood stat around. People read it and miss the whole point of it. Most commonly they miss how RICH someone with Resources 4 is, which I believe comes from misunderstanding the difference between "money" and "resources". I shall endeavor to explain.

  1. As with any stat, 2 is the standard average. So a Resources 2 person is not poor, he is comfortably middle-class. He is in the 5th or 6th economic Decile.
  2. Understand that this is a relative term. Resources 2 is "average", so it would mean something entirely different in Kenya or in Florida. In US terms this means he owns a car and can afford it with little trouble, he has some health insurance, he may have some debt (as common in the US as the common cold), but nothing crushing, he can easily pay rent, utilities, bills, but not much is left after that. The occasional dinner out is fine, but he mostly eat in-doors home cooked. He can afford to invite friends over, but nothing lavish. He is, in the middle of it. And despite what CNN says, this is not half bad as it sounds. As the economy grows, so does his personal economy. With 70% home-ownership rate in the US, he probably owns his own home, unless he lives somewhere very expensive (NYC, LA, Boston, etc.). In Strake he most definitely owns at least a big apartment, if not a small home with a little yard.
  3. Again, the book is very very explicit: "Resources 1: "Slightly ahead of the game: You’ve got a small apartment and perhaps a cheap vehicle. By local standards, a working-class income." So even with Resources 1 you probably own your own 2-rooms apartment AND a car.
  4. Like all stats, this is an exponential up-curve. Resources 3 is more than double as rich as resources 2.
  5. Resources 4 is rich. It's not insanely, Forbes-magazine level, rich, but it is above middle class. From the book: "You own a large house, some property, and at least two vehicles, as well as notable levels of savings and investments. By local standards, you’re a millionaire.
    Now here's where I see the most confusion, so quick tour to economic terms: Being a millionaire does not mean having assets totaling a million dollar. Being a millionaire means being able to liquidate at least several millions of dollars, without dropping bellow middle class. That means that in addition to owning your own large house, several cars, maybe a time sharing condo or two, you ALSO own a revenue-generating assets: several rented apartments/houses, stakes in a big company, maybe even an international business. You are comfortably within the top 2 deciles of the economy, and despite everything, in the US this is still A LOT.
  6. Money gets very large very fast at the top, and the pie gets very big and the stage very crowd. By the time you hit Resources 5 you belong in the unjustly notorious "1%". In the US this means you are part of the "Capitalist Class" which means, in non-economists term, your total assets, if liquidated, can sustain a middle-class level of living, to your entire household, for the rest of your life. Think a minute how much money that is. Now think about it: yes, there are 5 more levels of resources.

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  Monday Morning News Article
Posted by: Amanda - 10-01-2018, 03:30 AM - Forum: Starke Florida - No Replies

Mysterious String of Disappearances Lead to Police Investigation
By: Izabelle Kendall

On the Evening of September 29th, 2018 roughly a dozen students disappeared from a series of clubs in Jacksonville Florida. Students from Jacksonville University and The University of North Florida disappeared late into the night. Friends of these students have insisted they were all outstanding students who wouldn't wish to run away. The dozen missing person cases has lead to a call to action by both universities and by local parents. The police investigations are being lead by Detective Maxwell Clemons of the Jacksonville Police Department. A hotline has been opened at 1-800-###-#### for any information about these missing students. A reward of up to $1,000 will be awarded to any information that leads to them being found.

(Below are a list of Names and pictures of the 12 missing students)

Bertha Watt, Korey Holcomb, Chandler Eaton, Ira Peterson, Hamzah Amos, Tolga Pollard, Mairead Conner, Tiegan Whitehouse, Leigh Villanueva, Iosif Macleod, Eben Dunkley, Hallie Bates

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