Starke Florida

Starke florida is an idyllic little town, with a small population. It is being used as the central point in the game, though the city is real its layout is largely fictional, to separate the game from the real place. Only a few major public landmarks are used, such as the rail line, the historic district, and the water tower.

As such the layout of the city is being made fresh, with several locations being important.

The mortal world

The mortal world in Florida is as it always has been, hectic, frenetic, and ever changing. A more in depth look at the mortal world around Starke can be found in Here.


  • The Call Street Historic District is cut in half by the rail line, and most of the buildings near it are state landmarks.
  • The Bradford County Courthouse is the legal center of the mortal town, and its center of administration.
  • The Starke Watertower is a common gathering point for negotiations in the supernatural world, and is considered 'neutral ground'.
  • The old Rail Line runs right through the middle of town, and is rarely used anymore. The lines were used for industry in the past.

The Supernatural World

The supernatural world is ever changing, but a general recap can be found here.