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Read First Discord IC posting structure

When you are In Character in the game we need to use the same methods to explain what we are doing, for this purpose we have created a set of rules for how you write in the IC rooms.

These rules are used to make it easy for us to see what is what quickly, so we can rapidly process each player's actions.

OOC or Out of Character: The First thing you need to be able to do is differentiate between in character and out of character, to do this you use Parenthesis.

In character
(Out of Character)

Double Parenthesis are used as answers to questions asked by the GM.

((GM Question))
((Player Answer))

Actions: The next thing you will need to be able to do is encapsulate what your character is physically doing.  This is done with double colons.


Speech: When your character speaks you should put it in quotes, so that everyone knows he is saying something out loud.

"I get it" ::He said.::

Dice: In order to act, you have to be able to roll dice.  This is done with the /r command in chat.  The code for doing so is as follows.

/r xd10 >Df1 #action description

/r is for /roll.

xd10 stands for X 10 sided dice.

>=Df1 tells the roller to count successes, where D is the difficulty, and 1 is a failure.  If the roll cannot fail, remove the f1 from the code.

#tells the roller to ignore everything after the hash, so you can describe what the roll is for.

Together they will look like this.

/r 3d10>=6f1 #perception+awareness

Alternatively you can use > instead of >=, subtracting 1 from the difficulty, the results will be the same, but you must adjust down to compensate.
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