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Dreaming and Dreamers of the South:

Where there is a mind, it dreams. And when it dreams, it creates. Like anywhere in the world, the Fae world of Florida is as much a creation of its mundane citizens as it is of the Fair Folk who bask in its Glamour. The state of Florida is known to the Kithian as the Kingdom of the White Sands. Ruled by Queen Morgana of House Gwydion from her adobe in Caer Flamingo, the entire Kithian society here takes a distinct Spanish flavour to its feudal system. Born out of the dreams, and nightmares, of both Conquisidors and Explorers, Natives and Immigrants, Traders and Merchants, The Near Dreaming of Florida is a cauldron of the dreams of those who move, explore and discover, and the nightmares of war, plague and displacement.

Jacksonville and the surrounding area is the domain and realm of Ardryl Enric of House Aesm and Rylee Enric of House Daireann, Duke and Duchess of the Duchy of the First Coast, who rule their realm from the Freehold of Seven Bridges.


Enchanting a Mortal (or prodigal) is not something to take lightly, but sometimes it is necessary. Kithain characters might think to enchant an Autumn Person as a way to open their eyes to the Dreaming. It is technically possible to enchant someone rooted so deep in Banality that they radiate the death of dreams without even meaning to. Such a task is the stuff of legends, and dangerous to boot. A successful enchantment of an Autumn Person, though requiring staggering amounts of Glamour, could be a powerful blow to the oncoming Winter — someone wholly representative of the death of imagination, eyes wide open to infinite possibilities, imagination rekindled. A former Autumn Person, brought over to the side of the fae, could be instrumental in staving off the end. At the very least, it would make for a great story. Below are the rules for Enchanting mortals/prodigals:

  • Temporary Enchantment- spend an amount of Glamour equal to or +1 more than the subject’s Banality rating. if equal the enchantment heads at sunrise, if +1 enchantment ends at the following sunrise.
  • Permanent Enchantment- These not only take ALOT of glamour and the balefire, it is not allowed. Don't even ask.

Also, those Enchanted need to follow the Mist section above on how to cope after the enchantment is over.

The Golden Rule!

Anything in the game, or character creation process, is subject to the Storyteller's rulings. The ST makes the rules. So please be respectful. And we do reserve the right to boot anyone from the venue that isn't a good fit. Remember, the game exists for the players to have fun, so travel the path of most enjoyment

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