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Equipment and XP

Obvious Details

Tanner has long dyed red hair that was once black. She rolls it up into a ponytail when she needs to.

Tanner is also covered in pieces of jewellery with spider shapes or at least Arachnid themed. Earrings, lip piercing and even a dream catcher with the netting in the shape of a spider as a hairpiece and even has a neck tattoo in the shape of a black widow spider.
But more obviously she wears her heart on her sleeve and open to any form of conversation with people.

Appearance: 3


Youthful appearance; Looks 18 when she's actually 25

Eccentric Appearance; Scene girl

Distinguishing characteristic; Spider neck tattoo and other spider-themed motiff

Less Than Obvious Details

Tanner has bags under her eyes from constant nights of being at the computer.

Tanner believes her Messanger is a spider, who wishes to “Expand her web of knowledge about the supernatural”

Banality Score: 6
Crossroads Membership: Veteran

The Faces of Tanner

Everyday Tanner ============================================ Base Echo Tanner

Business Tanner =========================================== Hunter gear Tanner

The person in this image is Vera Ponomareva

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