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!!Description: A pariah amongst his fellow Division Hunters, little to nothing is known about him except for his extremely off-putting personality on Hunternet. He claims that he received his Imbuing after a Brujah he was playing poker with in a bar was caught cheating, and the two got into a fight. After having carved a path of bloody destruction through Gainesville, he seemingly vanished from the city shortly after the departure of the Sabbat from the city. Some would guess he was dead, if not for the fact that his account is still very much active on Hunternet, and up to its usual tricks. He vows to return one day, if something 'interesting' enough catches his attention; until then, he lets the 'little kids play with their monster friends.'

{+Obvious Details:+}

* Multiple battle scars. * Drives a white Hummer with a 'MTHAFKA' vanity plate. * Swears like a sailor. * One bad mutha fucka.

{+Less Than Obvious Details:+}

* Hummer is filled to the brim with cutting-edge military grade weaponry. Nobody knows where he gets it. * Flaw: Hunternet Troll: Has a horrible reputation on Hunternet for trolling and shitposting. On pretty much any other message board, he'd have been banned a long time ago.

{+Banality Score:+} 8

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