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Name: William Barclay Player: professorpanic
Nature: Benefactor Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Essence: Questing Concept: Failed Would-Be Hero, at Rock Bottom
Affiliation: Traditions Sect: Order of Hermes \ House Tytalus



Physical Social Mental
Strength 2 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 4Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 4

Intelligence: Keen-Edged Mind
Wits: Cunning
Dexterity: Hand-Eye Coordination


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness 3 Crafts 1 Academics 2
Art 0 Drive 1 Computer 1
Athletics 3 Etiquette 0 Cosmology 1
Awareness 3 Firearms 3 Enigmas 1
Brawl 1 Martial Arts 0 Esoterica 2
Empathy 1 Meditation 3 Investigation 3
Expression 0 Melee 1 Law 0
Intimidation 0 Performance 0 Medicine 2
Leadership 1 Stealth 2 Occult 2
Streetwise 0 Survival 0 Research 2
Subterfuge 1 Technology 0 Science 1
Other Talents Blatancy 1 Other Knowledges
Lore: Awakened 2
Lore: Spirit 1
Lore: Shifters 1
Lore: Vampires 1

Crafts: Carpentry
Academics: History


! Spheres
Correspondence 4
Entropy 4
Forces 4
Life 4
Matter 3
Mind* 5
Prime 3
Spirit 4
Time 5

Sphere Masteries: Mind, Forces, Time
Sphere specialties: Time (Temporal Control, Triggers), Mind (Self-Empowerment, Psychic Combat), Forces (Elements), Correspondence (Teleportation), Life (Healing), Entropy (Fate), Spirit (Possession)

! Backgrounds
Avatar 3 “Impigritas”
Library 1
Node 2
Resources 2
Sanctum 2
Chantry 3
Mentor 4 “Mirabella Herbert”
Contacts (Uktena) 1
Wonder 4 “The Old Friend”
Wonder 5 “Differentiator”
Wonder 4 Life 4/ Spirit 4 Tome
Allies 1 The Bennet Family
Demesne 2
Dream 1
Arete 5
Willpower 7/7
Quintessence 3/3
Quintessence (Periapt) 10/10
Paradox 0
Veil -1
Immortal 7
Charmed Existence 5
Prestige 1
Nightmares 1
Echoes (all time-keeping devices around him desync) 2
Failure 2
Cast no reflection, no shadow ( manifests as Shadows and reflections have a delayed response to his movements 2

! Health Levels
Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5
Incapacitated -


Focus {+Paradigm:+} We're All Gods in Disguise
High-Ritual Magick
1: Fashion
2: Writings, inscriptions and runes
3: Brews and concoctions
4: Wands, rods and staves
5: Formulae and math
6: True Names
7: Languages
8: Meditation
9: Dances, Gestures, Postures, and Other Movements

{+Personalized Tool (Mind):+} Black leather gloves with sigils branded onto the palms

{+Wonder - “The Differentiator”:+} The « Differentiator » (Wonder 5)
(Activation is 5d10 >5f1, gives a number of turns during which the device is active, diff cannot be lowered, WP cannot be used but Charmed Existence Merit applies)
(Activation can be done once per turn (no action taken) and only a single roll (no extended)).
(For each shot, Dex + firearm standard diff.)
Trinket effect Permanent (Matter 3/Entropy3): Whether the Wonder is activated or not, when a battle is engaged (init roll), the bearer of the gun will always get to go before the first enemy (bumping him up the initiative list if the init roll did not already give him that).
The gun can be holstered when the init is called, the bearer will find himself ready to shoot. So he gets a ‘free’ shoot in addition to his normal action at the beginning of his first turn only (only once per fight) by the Magick of the Wonder.

Wonder effect: “Die Hard” (Matter 3/Forces 3/Life 2): If a physical (with living component) target is hit, the bullet slows down and stays inside of the body, the damage (agg) is rolled normally (+1 success for Forces), the target will soak normally but the target will have to soak the same amount of damage every turn after they were originally hit (unless the bullets are removed from the body).
The Wonder must be activated AFTER firing the shot for this to take effect.

The Wonder can store 25 paradox before it has to be recharged in Tass. It needs to be recharged in bullets every six shots (no action needed but you need to have ammo on you). It uses Heavy Revolver stats from M20.

{+Wonder - “The Old Friend”:+}

A coat that belonged to William as he was a soldier during WWI and that he had entrusted to a comrade before forgetting all about it. He found it back thanks to the help of his Mentor Mira and thanks to the loyalty of the Bennet Family. Wonder 4 : Arete 4 Correspondence 2/Matter 2/Forces 2: His old coat is now his 'safety' blanket and has two major effects: - Hammer space: so long as it fits in one of the two big pockets, then William can roll Arete 4 and pull the object with diff 5 (1 success needed, activation doesn't trigger awareness). Flaw: The pockets always look full, and so the coat looks a bit bulky and not very discreet. - Blanket effect : It provides 4 extra soak dices, however the coat has a permanent dex penalty of +1 whenever it is worn or carried. (Trinket effect) Minor custom effect: - Comfy effect : No matter what the weather is like, you always feel good in it, unless you're in the desert or one an iceberg then you might be inconvenienced. (Trinket effect) {+Wonder:+} A rating 2 periapt in the form of an orichalcum necklace. !!SPELLS Memory of the Immortal (Mind 3)
Being old means you’re wise but your memory does fail you sometimes. Fortunately, when you are a Mage, there are ways to bypass this.
As long as the skill is on the list below, William can roll Arete base diff 6 to temporary recall an ability (talent, skill or knowledge) he used to have in the past but lost along the way.
- Riding 2 (considering how much of William's life was spent before cars…)
- Survival 3 (He traveled often to investigate stuff, and more often that not would have to sleep under the stairs until cities began to grow)
- Cosmology 3
- Enigmas 4 (Intuitive Leaps) (He's been solving puzzles a long, long time)
- Academics (Folkore ) 4 (William had been traveling the world and experiencing the folklores of multiple civilizations over the centuries)
- Drive (Sailing) 1
- Performance (Violin) 2
- Esoterica (Kabbalism) 4 (William's roots began in using Kabbalism as part of his paradigm as it was developed during his early years)
- Law 2
-. Medicine 3
- Occult 4 (Infernalism)
- Science 3 (Physics)
- Lore: Undead 3
- Lore: Spirits 1 (Umbra)
Mechanics : The number of successes scored for the Arete roll can be used as follows:
- Nb of successes inferior or equal to the ability level listed above, all the successes are used for a mundane roll (on the same turn). No WP allowed.
- Nb of successes scored superior to the ability level listed above, the ability level listed above is used for the mundane roll (on the same turn). No WP allowed.

Tytalus : Parabellum Ritual (triggered by reciting the moto of House Tytalus (Incrementum ex certamine.)
1°) Time 4 / Life 3 boosts the warrior’s Physical Attributes, as de- scribed earlier in this section, and enables her to soak both lethal and aggravated damage. This requires one success per dot in the boosted Trait, and cannot be raised beyond 5. The spell used to be able to go beyond human limits, but consensus no longer believes in heroes. 2 successes + 1 per extra dots + 1 duration (scene).
2°) Time 4/Time 3 spell to allow the mage extra actions per turn that do not involve casting magick (only one Arete roll may be made per turn) at the end of the turn, to a maximum of two extra actions. Requires 2 successes per extra action, + 1 for duration (scene).
3°) Time 4/ Mind 2 allows the user to spend successes to either increase dice spent to resist fear effects, or to ignore wound penalties identically to damage chart (max 5) + 1 for duration (scene).
4°) Time4/Correspondence 1/Life 1/Spirit 1/Mind1 lets the user spend for total battlefield awareness, detection of enemies/foes targets up to 20 on 500 meter-radius. 3 successes + 1 for duration (scene).
5°) Time 4/ Entropy 2 allows the user to spend successes to increase difficulties to be hit by physical attacks, or to lower the difficulty for a single skill. Both cannot be chosen. A max of -2diff or +2 diff for a scene can be obtained at the price of 4 successes total.

The whole ritual takes 1 hour per spell to be maintained and must be performed in one go (preparation time) without interruption. Any combination is possible thout the Arete level caps the number of spells.
The whole ritual is difficult to be made to work for a scene, due to the amount of strain this will put on a human body. The ritual can only last for as many turns (initiative turns) as the character has dots Stamina.
When the ritual ends or is dropped by the Mage, the Mage must make a stamina roll diff 6 and score 1 success. Fail will incur one bashing health level per spell maintained, unsoakable while botching the roll will incur one lethal health level per spell maintained.
Parts of this ritual -cannot- be extended through additional arete rolls.
The whole ritual count as 1 active spell once activated (as none before).
extra actions per turn that do not involve casting magick (only one Arete roll may be made per turn) at the end of the turn, to a maximum of two extra actions.
—— !!DESCRIPTION Will is early 50s in appearance though handsome if he cleans himself up. Nowadays he wears older jackets or long-sleeved shirts,with durable jeans/sneakers and a backpack that never leaves him. He keeps his beard a few inches long, and the salt-and-pepper hair on his head ear-length. His expression is friendly, yet somehow exhausted to his core. —- !!NOTES Avatar -
Resources - Accumulated over time.
Node/Sanctum - In Jacksonville.
Immortal death condition - Does not age. Can be killed by suicide or someone mimicking his appearance or having the same blood.
Nightmares - Haunted by past failures and future disasters.
Echoes - Time Keeping devices desynchronize around him.
Failure - Past is riddled by failures in averting disasters building up to his visions.
Cast No Reflection/No Shadow - To by-standers, his shadow and reflection have a variable-second delay between his actions and theirs.

Chantry 3 membership:
Benefits of Membership:
Library 3
Resources 1, possibly up to its maximum of 3 if the need is great enough
Node 1 (all members would get 2 quint or 1 tass per week from it, as if having an additional node 1. This cannot be increased as it is simply a share of the chantry's bigger pool)
Free Room and Board
The benefit of possibly being pulled out of bigger trouble
2010 Honda Civic, Smartphone, magic tools where applicable —- !!Weapons\Armor: Shotgun, 8L DMG, Range 20, Rate 1 ,5+1 shots, T Conceal armor from The Old Friend 4/4 Differentiator - Revolver, Hvy. 6L DMG, Range 35, Rate 2, 6 shots, J Conceal —- !!HISTORY William (Will to friends long dead) has been alive for a long, long time. During the 11th century, he had Awakened and was found by the Order of Hermes. He had been training to join the monastery, and thus had a basic grasp of academia. This was simply a new field of study for him to dive into. William' story afterwards is one of a rise and many, many falls. He was a star pupil of the Order and a fiery, willful young man unafraid of action with the ability to be three steps ahead of his enemies. He was famous for his relentless assaults on House Tremere during the first Massassa War. The incident that started his slow Fall was during a precognitive scry he was performing to come up with battle tactics for an assault on a Tremere Chantry. In his arrogance, he made almost no preparations and the spell failed catastrophically. It did, however, show him a future. In it, he saw the world consumed by terror, depravity, and carnage by gods and lunatics. The visions lasted a week, and burned themselves into his mind. He had been thrown, mind and body into the future and the remnants of the paradox stayed with him. Time pieces were no longer are accurate around him, and there was now a delay with his reflections and shadows. His sole purpose in life became to prevent this apocalypse, but to do it he needed to be able to survive to those ages since simply shunting himself forward into time made no guarantees. With the raid on the chantry, this time he secretly stole the research they had been using that gave them immortality. He underwent decades of experimentation, with modifications that instead used the concepts of fate and destiny, combined with temporal magicks to make him effectively immortal. The key flaw, however, is that he used Entropy to give himself an out in that he can commit suicide. However, this same back door will allow anybody taking his shape to also kill him due to the Fate's wording. He could also simply be atomized or rendered a fine red mist, but he doesn't like to dwell on that. He blames this, sometimes, for why his life became a series of centuries of failures. Over decades and centuries, he would work to avert disaster after disaster, burning favors and bridges alike to get enough help, only for some angle he missed or some hidden conspirator to appear at the last moment and stop him from saving the day. Eventually, the Order of Hermes considered him a lunatic and a fool, no longer obliging him on his End of the World adventures. He would be involved with conflict after conflict, exhausting his mind and forcing the nightmares to come on a nightly basis. Each century would pass, with nothing to show for it, yet he would keep continuing. At the end of the 19th Century, he got desperate and used a spell combining so many vulgar effects that he shattered his own timeline and scoured his soul and avatar, burning away so much of the enlightenment he had found. He would once more experience the apocalyptic horrors he had been working to prevent, only this time he locked himself into a catatonic state, mentally reliving his failures over and over. When the backlash finally subsided, he had been buried in a forgotten basement in a forgotten magick workshop for centuries. His spirit had been broken, his body emaciated, and his ability to work magick a shadow of what he once was. Now, he is trying to put himself back together again. He scrapes by on residuals from magick-guided investments from long ago, and working to understand the world he finds himself in now while still dragging himself onward in his task to avert hell on earth.

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