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Pavel Sergei Valeryevich

Player: Feathers


Apparent Age 14 Years Old
Height 4'2" / 127cm
Weight 80lbs / 36kg
Silvery white hair that is thick and messy. Looks like it is never combed (which is probably true). Eyes are clouded over, iris color not visible. Pavel is now at a healthy weight, his ribs are no longer showing. Often hunched over. Face is often expressionless, giving a blank and dumb look.
Height 5'5" / 165.1cm (Avg Crinos: 8' to 10' / 244cm to 305cm)
Weight 140lbs / 64kg (Avg Crinos: 400lbs to 850lbs / 181kg to 386kg)
Silvery white baby fluff for fur. Eyes are again, clouded over. Muscle tone seems underdeveloped. Often crouched down with tail held very low. Ears always twitching.
Height at Shoulders 1'6" / 45.72cm (Avg Lupus: 3' to 4' / 91cm to 122cm)
Length Nose to Butt 30" / 76.2cm (Avg Wolf: 41" to 63" / 105cm to 160cm)
Weight 38lbs / 17kg (Avg Lupus: 120lbs to 250lbs / 54kg to 113kg)
Silvery white baby fluff for fur. Clouded eyes. Sleek though lanky. Often crouched low with tail held close to his hind legs. Ears always twitching. (I would say imagine Border Collie size.)
He carries around a collapsible White Cane and large glasses that are completely black, to be used when among normal humans. The glasses have a pouch strapped to a worn looking belt that he keeps belted around his waist at all times. The cane is also strapped to the belt. He may use his White Cane even among supernaturals, especially when he doesn't trust the terrain. All three items are Dedicated.

His current attire consists of brand new fitting clothes, courtesy of Ambra, Alpha of Eagle's Shadow Pack. Simple sets of T-shirt, Jeans, shoes.


Pavel has started to open up since arriving in Florida. He likes to sing and howl his heart out. His voice is the only way he has of expressing any emotions he might feel. He is aware that he doesn't show emotion the way others expect, due to having never actually seen how body language works. Thus, he tries to keep a low profile and stay out of the way.

When someone tries to be nice and gets to know him, Pavel opens up as a happy-go-lucky puppy. He is extremely friendly and could get touchy-feely. Touching and hearing someone's voice is his way of getting to know and understanding someone. He is not dumb, but he is very slow in processing information, which makes others think he is dumb. He understands this and so, doesn't try to impress anyone. When he opens up, he may not have a filter and may innocently chatter and possibly offend someone in the process as he is not able to read body language and does not know when someone gets uncomfortable.

Obvious Details

He is obviously blind. His blank expression can make him look dumb and/or sleepy. In homid form, he might twitch his head often. In Crinos and Lupus forms, his ears are extremely active, constantly swiveling around. His fur is fluffy and when touched, feels extremely soft. Just like a puppy's fur.

Definitely Silver Fang, with the pure breed air about him. Doesn't carry himself proudly though.

  • Appearance: 3
  • Pure Breed Rating: 4
  • Rage: 4
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Deed Name: “Harbinger-Of-The-Whispers”
  • Pitiable Merit ~ Those who don't know him and his background (or is not FROM his background) can very easily find themselves helping him out just because. His submissive posture and blindness gives him an air of “I-can-has-halp-pls”.
  • Short Flaw ~ Pavel will always be tiny. Born a runt, he will likely be stunted at about the same height as he is now.

Less Than Obvious Details

  • Mother Tongue: Russian
  • Melodious Voice ~ Pavel has a melodic voice, seemingly able to change pitches to suit his emotions. If one were to pay attention and spend a lot of time with him, they might figure out what he was feeling at the time with just a switch in tone. This may be difficult still though, because he does have a Russian accent.
  • Charisma Specialty: Adorable ~ Pavel can be absolutely delightful when he opens up. His happy-go-lucky personality can be infectious and although he doesn't know how to properly smile, his mannerisms could easily put smiles on others.
  • Alertness Specialty: Echolocation ~ He may appear to be able to navigate relatively easily… once he gets to know his location or is given time to study his environment. He may suddenly bark or whine for no reason whatsoever. Similar to a bat (or Matt Murdock), his sharp hearing allows him to pick up feedback from sound bouncing off of surfaces. This is not to say that his blindness is completely circumvented. Due to his flaws (listed below), he isn't able to properly keep track of or remember everything that he learns through Echolocation. Also, objects move. Just a shift in one tiny stone can cause him to trip or slam snout first into a tree. (Ouch!)


  • Acute Sense ~ Specifically Hearing. Read above.
  • Common Sense ~ This is from 14 years of upbringing in a strict and sometimes abusive environment. Pavel has learned to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. If a risk is not worth taking, he will very likely NOT do it.
  • Language: English ~ Pavel was given a crash course on the English language before being sent to America.
  • Language: Braille (American English) ~ Thanks to Samuil (Alpha Ambra's mate) and Katie (Pavel's Kinfolk Guide), Pavel can now read enough Braille to get by.


  • Absent Minded ~ Pavel isn't able to pay a lot of attention. His mind often wanders and he could easily lose track of conversations. It is something that frustrated a LOT of his teachers.
  • Slow Learner ~ Along with being Absent Minded, he is not able to retain information very easily. It takes extra time and extra effort on his part as well as his mentor's part, to teach him anything useful. Many of his previous teachers usually give up on him quickly.

Banality Score: 5
Crossroads Membership: Staff

Kinfolk & Others

Katie Merryweather

Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 32
Height: 5'6“
Weight: 150 lbs
Tribe: Glasswalkers


Trel the Kestrel Spirit
Trel (or трель) is a female American Kestrel Spirit. She was summoned by Peter “Dines-With-Spirits” and entered an agreement to follow and guide Pavel. This allows Pavel to be more independent and not require Katie to watch him at all times. It is the hope that Trel will eventually help Pavel build up his confidence as well as teach him to trust his instincts even more.
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