The Reborn of the South

For most mortals, Starke is but a dot on the map. For the supernaturals who roam its days and nights, Starke is a location of great importance. Situated atop a Node of power, the Reborn of the South seek to turn Starke into a Sekhem anchor, the holy grail of the Spiders of the Sand. Meanwhile, the Eset-a are drawn in by rumours of a possible artefact associated with Osiris, while a powerful Wu Ti'an with unknown intentions has set up shop in a local Chinese restaurant. The local Node is controlled by Garou, who use it as their Caern, and the reborn have yet to secure a deal with the shape-shifters. Recent event has pitted the reborn against their ever-present enemy - the Kindred of the Night.

The Eternal Walkers

This section will highlight note-worthy Reborn of Starke, who can serve as allies and mentors to the young mummies. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.

The Amenti

Notables of the Egyptian Heritage


Notables of the Native North American Heritage
Details to come

Wu Tian

Notables of the Far East Heritage

  • Qui Tang Liuxian
    Venerable Wu Ti'an Martial Artist and Alchemist, her goals in Starke is yet unknown.

Notable Locals

This and That, Jacksonville
Yiyang Empire - the Chinese restaurant whose second floor houses Qui Tang Liuxian