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Vampire Mechanics


  1. We don't use the ridiculous "Vampires torpor from sunrise to sunset" rule. It make absolutely no sense. Vampires are basically nocturnal humans, so while their circadian rhythm has been shifted 12 hours, they sleep 7-8 hours a day, like humans do at night. Different humans naturally sleep at different times, and so do vampires. They still do suffer aggravated damage from sunlight, but they *can* stay indoors in darkened rooms.
    Most humans have their peak sleeping time 22:00 to 6:00 (10PM to 6AM for you strange 12h clocks users). Having been turned nocturnal, most vampires sleep in a 12h shift to that, so Kindred peak sleeping hours are 10:00 to 18:00 (10AM to 6PM). Like humans, some (read: most don't) vampires sleep in different hours *naturally*, and like humans they can force themselves to comply with social norms. Especially if they want to maintain a good nightly social life. But just like humans have their "night owls", vampires have their "day hawks". Rare, but possible.
  2. Since we are using the "vampires sleep like humans" rule, they have access to any sleep-related merits and flaws: Nightmares and Light Sleeper prominent amongst them.

3. With the exception of Celerity, Fortitude and Potence, Blood Disciplines are not natural progression along a clear path, rather each dot is in fact a whole new thing to learn, even if it's based on the previous levels. As such Disciplines always require a mentor who has the appropriate stat to teach you. This can be your Sire, a different Mentor (as per the BG) or if they don't know it, finding a willing teacher (to whom you will need to pay in favors).

4. The special powers granted by Celerity 6+ (Projectile, Projectile, Zephyr), Fortitude 6+ (Personal Armor, Shared Strength, Adamantine) and Potence 6+ (Imprint, Earthshock, Flick) require an appropriate mentor, as per in rule 3.

Mentor Rules Clarification
  • Going forward, mentors will not be required for learning In-Clan Disciplines aside from Blood Sorcery. These powers are innate to the blood of the Clan in question.
  • Through a Mentor scene the PC can earn a learning time reduction for in clan disciplines.
  • With Blood Sorcery, a mentor will be required to learn every dot in the path. They will also be required to learn new paths and can aid in learning rituals.
  • Out of Clan Disciplines require a mentor to teach each dot as the disciplines powers are entirely foreign to the PC in question.
  • Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence are the exception to this as they are innate to all kindred. If they aren't among your Clan's disciplines they will still require out of clan costs.

Rules for Learning Rituals
For here on out we will be using the rules found in Rites of the Blood for learning blood sorcery rituals. This will apply to all forms of blood sorcery, ex. Dur-An-Ki, Necromancy, Thaumaturgy, etc. Below I will lay out a summary of these rules. For the full read go to page 136 in Rites of the Blood. Pages 221-222 of Lore of the Clans are also referenced for Tremere.
  • Firstly, the process of learning of the ritual and mastering it must be rp'd. This would best be done in the form of Journal entries.
  • Rituals are free to learn, however if you wish they may be purchased with xp. For the Clan-Favored it is ritual level x2. Those not Clan-Favored who wish to use xp must purchase it at ritual level x3. Even if you elect to use xp I will still require that you write journal entries describing it.
  • There are two ways that the ritual can be learned. If your character is in good standing with the clan that teaches it (ex. a loyal Tremere or Giovanni), then they may simply request to have the ritual taught to them. If they are unable to gain approval, or would prefer to simply research it on their own then the following rules apply for researching it. They must make an extended Intelligence+Investigation roll with difficult of ritual's level +3. The number of successes required is equal to the ritual's level x5. This can be rolled once per week, spending a few hours each night studying. Alternatively, it can be rolled every day, provided you spend the whole night studying.
  • After they have finished learning of the ritual by either method, they must then master it. This will require an extended roll of Intelligence+Occult with a difficulty of the ritual's level +3. The number of successes needed is equal to the ritual's level x5. Assuming that a few hours are spent each night mastering it, the roll is once per week. If you spend an entire night mastering the ritual it is every night it may be rolled.
  • Your mentor rating can be added to the number of dice available for your roll. In addition, Loyalist Tremere are capable of using their Chantry's Library and Research rating to their relevant dice rolls. This will require approval and you may only be able to use a portion of the Chantry's dots.
Adapting Foreign Blood Rituals
Practitioners of blood sorcery are capable of adapting rituals of other schools to work with their own. This however is not without a good deal of difficulty.
  • With the usage of xp it will cost ritual level x3 for those who are Clan-Favored in the discipline. For the non Clan-Favored it will cost ritual level x4.
  • If you elect to roll to learn the ritual, you will be required to complete the previous two rolls. Difficulty is ritual level +3 and the required successes is ritual level x10. You may subtract from this number the amount of dots you have in your own school's paths, to a minimum of half the required successes.
  • Rolls are available at the same rates at the past two rolls

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