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Experience Rewards

For the scene "The things crafted with Love", Michael Radcliffe gets justification for craft 1 and a beautifully crafted and enchanted box to be used in the future as proxy (once properly finished).

For the scene "Let it shine", the following character gets 3 XP:


ST XP goes to Joy's sponge.

The roof solar panels on Benjamin's house now produce one free Tass a week and the spells for conversion/channelling is active (but locked to the Sanctum via Quint) for six months.

For the scene "An Agent is missing and all seems empty", the followig char gets 2 XP:

Jim Mathers

ST XP goes to Joy's sponge.

NPC XP goes to:
Violet Lombardi
Mary South

Attention Denizens , 1 XP will be awarded to the following Scene, Date Night


For the two days of scene rescuing Wolf's cousin. The following PCs gain 4 XP for excellent roleplay and character development.


STXP directly to Arthur.

Additionally. Lyman gains justification for 1 dot of neteru, if he chooses to entertain what it is that the amkhat that surrendered wanted.

Wolf, gains justification for 1 dot in Self Control at a -1 xp deduction, to denote that she has a keystone in the form of her cousin.
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SEP 28 2020: "!Root", the following PCs gain 2xp


ST XP goes to Ha-Mavet's Sponge

Additional rewards:

With the conclusion of the scene "Que Sera, Sera", Joy has successfully passed her Seeking Scene and now has Arete 6, officially making Joy Livingstone the chronicle's first Archmage.

No XP due to Joy having hit the 600 XP mark.
  • From now on, Joy must constantly have an active effect up (mechanics to be worked out) or else the world around her will start to shift in order to fit her paradigm. This will generate Paradox if left unchecked (exact rate also to be worked out). This effect does not apply in Sanctums or while in the Umbra (at ST discretion), and will only take effect two weeks after the completion of the Seeking, OR if Joy successfully casts a spell with six successes (not counting WP), whichever happens first.
  • Joy, having made peace with her past, loses the Flashbacks flaw at no XP cost. She does not, however, lose the Amnesia flaw, having accepted the fact that she may never truly know her past and deciding that it does not define her.
  • Joy gains the Echo flaw, as a a result of becoming an Archmage. This Echo manifests itself as the world suddenly seeming brighter and more colorful wherever she is whenever she is happy, and darker and more de-saturated whenever she is unhappy.
  • Joy gains the sixth dot of the Status background for free.

ST XP goes to J's sponge.

For yesterday's short scene with One Eye and Antonin, Mary and Wolf each gain 1xp

STXP to Ha-mavet, and Glyff
I herd cats... cats in the form of ones and zeros.

Site owner, lead technical admin.

Attention Denizens , 1 XP will be awarded to the following Scene, === Meeting the Duke===

Alkaline Meadows

Arthu rFengrass Em Unas

ST Xp goes to the Collector


A werewolf has earned a valuiable lession today.The following characters earn 2 XP


STXP to Rasputin

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