The Spirits of the South

For most spirits, Starke is just another place in the shadowlands with its twisted and dark view of the skinlands. To the few who live there, though, it is the closest thing to home they'll ever know. Those who survive the traumatizing experience of death and find themselves trapped on this mortal plan soon find that this is more than just living on, it is a fight for dominance of one's body. Wraith's have to fight their inner desires to give into the darkness in their hearts, while Projectors merely get to gain a glimpse of the world beyond the veil beyond their mortal constraints, and Risen defy the laws and walk once more amongst you all.

Who are the Wraiths?

They are lost souls battling for peace in their now spectral form. The shadows whispering lies and deceit to slowly consume them. Their base desires become their greatest foe.

Who are the Projectors?

Projectors are the individuals that find the weak points in their mortal forms and escape into the astral sea, becoming sudo wraiths one might call them. While they possess their still living mortal forms, there are two type of projectors. There are the astral projectors, that willingly leave their forms, and then there are the cyrogenically frozen sleepers. Either way they are individuals that have sound a way to mimic the signs of death that allow Wraiths to do their extraordinary things.

Who are the Risen?

Walking dead....minus the decaying flesh. They are just undead that have reanimated their fallen form to a state that is livable, but breaking heavy laws and still technically remaining dead.

The Veterans

This section will highlight note-worthy spirits of Starke, who can serve as allies and mentors to the young souls. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.



"Where does the suffering begin and end anymore? Is this my eternity?"

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"I can see beyond the mortal realm and past the shroud to a world unlike any other."

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"I fought my way back yet even now I can hear the wailing specters calling me back....."

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Agents of Oblivion


Necropoli - Not a full list

  • Miami
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New York City, New York

Renegade Reapers

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  • 2 in Stark Shadowlands On in Stark Manor, one in the home of the wraith John.
  • 1 in Stark Skinlands the Ironworks.

Stygaian Society

Legions - Those in bold are the most commonly seen around Stark.

  • Iron Legion, headquartered at the Seat of Shadows and overseen by the Ashen Lady. The Iron Legion is comprised of the victims of Age.
  • Skeletal Legion, headquartered on the Seat of Dust and overseen by the Skeletal Lord. The Skeletal Legion is comprised of those taken by Disease
  • Grim Legion, headquartered on the Seat of Burning Waters and overseen by the Smiling Lord. The Grim Legion is comprised of the victims of Violence
  • Penitent Legion, headquartered on the Seat of Succor and overseen by the Laughing Lady. The Penitent Legion is comprised of the victims of Madness
  • Emerald Legion, headquartered on the Seat of Thorns and overseen by the Emerald Lord. The Emerald Legion is comprised of those victims of Happenstance
  • Silent Legion, headquartered on the Seat of Silence and overseen by the Quiet Lord. The Silent Legion is comprised of those victims of Despair
  • Legion of Paupers, headquartered on the Seat of Golden Tears and overseen by the Beggar Lord. The Legion of Paupers is comprised of those victims of Mystery and whoever the Beggar Lord can get away with taking.
  • Legion of Fate, headquartered on the Isle of Eurydice and overseen by the Ladies of Fate. The Silent Legion is comprised of those those chosen by Fate

Known Legion members/ Rank

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Notable Locals


  • Lugalbanda (Current Hierarchy Representative / prefect over Stark Shadowlands )
  • Roxanne - Slain victim of the Starke ripper.
  • James Butler (Leader of the Horsemen)
  • Penelope Curent seat holder to the Umbral Throne


  • To be announced...