Stygia Societal Structure

Great/ High Guilds

Highly Respected Members of Stygia. They keep the order and balance within Stygia


  • Soul-forging is a necessary component in Stygia's economy and justice system. One of the oldest guilds and secondary to Charon himself.


  • Soul merchants. Can't have an empire without goods.


  • Without Castigation, Stygia would've collapsed long ago without no chance to recover from Oblivion.


  • Their guild specific Arcanoi is priceless, however, after the breaking of the guilds, they push to reclaim their former glory.

Working Guilds

They earn their keep by being the middle class of Stygia. They earn their living through their Arcanoi and their use of it.


  • Due to their mastery of Keening, they are seen as a good source of entertainment and are excused due to their fun and worthwhile nature.


  • A great asset to Stygia through their mastery of Argos. They are the messengers and guides of the underworld. Without them, many would be lost to the tempest. They are not considered a great house due to their focus of individual efforts than guild work.


  • Charon has their back and they're very well organized. Nobody likes it or will admit it, but they're here to stay.


  • Same reason the Chanteurs are allowed. They're a good source of entertainment due to the nature of their guild's primary Arcanoi.

Criminal Guilds

Illegal due to their clear violation of the Dictum Mortuum and breakers of Stygian Law by default. Being apart of the guild itself will not result in immediate soul forging, but abuse or flagrant use of the Arcanoi may dictate such an action outright.


  • The very nature of this guild is to violate the Dictum Mortuum. The sentence is immediate soul-forging upon being caught if you are a high ranking member.


  • Fetters are precious. If only they would not be so paranoid, they'd be invaluable members of Stygia.


  • Undead Mafia....enough said.


  • Self-absorbed wraiths that wish to interact with the skinlands similar to Haunters.


  • On the lamb since they are by far not tolerated anymore after the falling out with Stygia. They are unusually in the skinlands and hanging out with risen when they can.

Forbidden Guilds

The "Lesser Guilds". Were not invited to sign the Compact of the Guilds and are hunted without mercy and face immediate soul-forging. Hide your marks and your abilities if you enter Stygia.


  • Formally attached with the Artificers, Alchemists got screwed over hard after the breaking and fled underground.


  • Formally the judges of Stygia, they were run out and immediately put on as public enemy number one for being corrupt and unjust. The fate for any is soul-forging. There will be no discussion, only death. You are the ire of all wraiths.


  • Never really a guild. The mercs of all the guilds and were not affected by the breaking, merely allowed them to switch locations.