The Kindred of the South

Currently, the Camarilla own the territories of Starke and Jacksonville, with the Sabbat in control of nearby Gainesville.

The Camarilla

The Court:
Alessandro de Luca - Toreador Primogen/Keeper of Elysium.
Alexander Isaacs - Brujah Primogen/Sheriff.
Heinrich von Hapsburg - Malkavian Primogen.
Julia Cosgrove - Tremere Primogen/Regent.
Rebecca "Becks" Sorenson - Gangrel Primogen/Scourge.
Timilook Degalle - Nosferatu Primogen.
Veronica Price - Ventrue Primogen/Prince of Starke & Jacksonville.

The Chantry:

The Tremere Houses

The Sabbat

Head of the Church:
Aleksandr Narov - Archbishop of Tampa.
Conrad Storn - Archbishop of Gainesville.

The Trinity:
Artyom Zantosa - Bishop of Gainesville, "The Body".
Kade - Priscus, "The Soul".
Kassie - Priscus, "The Mind".

The Anarch Movement


The Independents