The Starke Council is a group of PCs and NPCs that serve as the leadership within the Supernatural community around Starke. They make the laws that govern the supernatural community, they enforce them, and they protect and benefit the supernaturals that call this area their home.

The Council's wares

The Starke Council maintains a collection of items retrieved from the Starke Catacombs, providing them for sale for Tass. It also provides services for tass as well.

Council Inventory

The Council of Eight and the Seats of Power.

The Council of Eight

There are eight thrones in the council chamber, set to the outside walls. Behind each throne is a raised seating section for those governed by the holder of the throne. This forms the outer perimeter of the bottom level of the council chamber. There is an entrance to the chamber at every seating section.

The Blood Throne:
Made of bone stained red and mahogany, the blood throne is held by a Vampire.
Current Holder: Veronica Price, Proxy: Norah Ethne

The Wyld Throne:
Made of ironwood, white oak, and cherry, the wyld throne is held by a Shapechanger.
Current Holder: Wanda Remembers the Turtle, Proxy: Terry

The Immortal Throne:
Made of Granite, Steel, and White Oak, the Immortal throne is held by a Mummy.
Current Holder: Vivian Ruby Cates ab Nofret

The Awakened Throne:
Made of Quartz, Pine, and Marble, the Awakened Throne is held by a Mage.
Current Holder: Joyce "Joy" Livingstone

The Infernal Throne:
Made of Mahogany, cherry, and Volcanic Rock, the Infernal Throne is held by a Demon.
Current Holder: Michael Radcliffe

The Umbral Throne:
Made of Bone, White Oak, and Amethyst, the Umbral Throne is held by a Wraith.
Current Holder: Madam Eva?

The Dreaming Throne:
Made of Linden, Jade, and Brass, the Dreaming Throne is held by a Changeling.
Current Holder: Irene Ricci

The Imbued Throne:
Made of Iron, Cedar and Bronze, the Imbued Throne is held by a Hunter.
Current Holder: Angelica Rodriguez

The purpose of the Thrones is so that every major entity in the supernatural world has a voice for itself.

The Seats of Power

In the center of the council chamber is a round table, with eight seats. A division at the cardinal directions and a liftable cover allow people to walk to the empty space at the center, where four chairs, and a small podium are positioned. Anyone wishing to address the council must receive permission to lift one of the sections to enter the central area. The four chairs are for clerks appointed by the council. On the outside rim of the table there are eight seats, eight positions of power.

The Seat of the Sword
The Seat of the Sword serves as the council's guardian and is in charge of all efforts to protect the supernatural community.
Current Holder: Altair Ogram Ashkabaken

Seat of the Chalice
The Seat of the Chalice is the council's lead diplomat, and works to advance diplomatic relations with supernatural and mundane entities.
Current Holder: Geoff Ramsey

Seat of the Book
The Seat of the Book is the council's spymaster, tasked with finding and gathering information about any threat to the council, giving that information to the council as a whole so that plans can be made to protect the members from any threat.
Current Holder: Armand Harper Jr.

Seat of the Heart
The Seat of the Heart is the council's lead arbitrator, tasked with settling differences between council members and ensuring that threats do not come from within.
Current Holder: Sig Thorirsson

Seat of the Stone
The Seat of the Stone is the council's property manager, tasked with purchasing and maintaining any property that the council deems important to own.
Current Holder: Benjamin Stolkum

Seat of the Coffer
The Seat of the Coffer is the council's treasurer, tasked with managing the council's holdings and finances.
Current Holder: Dante Orso

Seat of the Quill
The Seat of the Quill is the council's historian, charged with keeping records of the Council's actions and decisions.
Current Holder: Manuel Ortega

Seat of the Gavel
The Seat of the Gavel is the council's judge, charged with enforcing the laws created by the council and placing judgement on members that violate those laws.
Current Holder: Vacant.