The Catacombs

Housed beneath a mansion in Starke, the Eponymous Catacombs are the creation of Amadeus Starke, the unknown progenitor of the town's name. A founding member of the order of Hermes, Amadeus was a powerful mage, who thought that divinity could be achieved through the blending of the various supernatural powers in the world. He fled his peers and setup underneath the land of florida, creating a vast complex of laboratories and holding areas.

The denizens of Starke can explore these spaces, retrieving the wealth hidden beneath their feet, and facing deadly threats.

Theodore Cicoro's notes

These notes were made by Theodore Cicoro, the previous owner of the mansion. He wished to use the wealth hidden in the catacombs to buy his way into the order of hermes to achieve immortality.

Amadeus Starke
The Starke Catacombs - Notes
Investigations into warding protocols
Notes - Layout
Notes - Sounds in the darkness


The Starke Catacombs Level 1



The players must explore the catacombs, recording what is in each room. And cataloging treasures. The Starke Council takes possession of everything found in the catacombs, and trades it to players for Tass, which it uses to protect the people of Starke.

Every time a group enters the catacombs, they open a new room or rooms, recording the contents and adding them to the council's holdings. If the group wants to keep something, they are free to do so, but you can only keep one item each trip down. Everything else goes to the council to be traded for Tass.\\