The quote wall is for people to post lines said by other characters IC that they found funny/awesome/badass/ect

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Jeet Divakar
::He makes an obviously fake insulted face. Of the kind you are meant to know is fake:: "You have foxes! I didn't know. Well, when they can need stonier hands, you call me, yes? That was some night we had, I tell you! I almost made love to this gorgeous Gurahl who crawled into my tree, but then I realized I was imagining her. Such a shame, I tell you, She really was gorgeous" ::He laughs, a sort of genuine laughter:: "But! tonight I am sober, and I intent to remain so."

Frederick Lamarr
"This might take subtlety and Altair is as subtle as the new york market crash."

Noelle "Trance" Aneksi
"I guess once you go Baaaaaa, you don't come baaaaaaa-ck!"

Altair Ogram Em Ashkabaken
"Oh.... well then I guess the place is about to come down with a rat problem. Let's go find Vivian and some C4"

Rasmir (Texas Toast)
“Let’s wait for the morning. Alcohol and blasting jelly probably don’t mix well.”

Madeline Cooper
"You're in a room with people who collectively tell reality to go fuck itself. Give me five minutes."

Arthor Perithal
"So most of us are the terrorism approach to the supernatural then? Guess that makes sense why things would be scared of us... Not that it makes shooting things in the face right or anything, but... still."

Altair Ogram Em Ashkabaken
"Oh god, its grape flavored" - upon drinking a potion that permanently killed him... the fourth time

Gwenivere La'Flux
"I think men are to breasts as I am to finances. They could always be bigger."

"[Anubis] seemed okay. Kinda had a long face though. Maybe he needs more cats in his life"

Vivian Cates Ab Nofret
"But it's amazing how just being polite tends to help... Me... I look at it as we have real nasty things to deal with. Why make enemies we don't need?"

Ivan Cain
"I have a question, on a scale of 1 to 10. Seven being the highest, negative four being the lowest. How are you feeling right now?"

Michael Radcliffe
Michael makes no comment about who here is the oldest. He predates the universe itself. No need for that kind of a dick measuring contest going into what is sure to be the fight of the century.
"Fool. I created reality."

Noelle "Trance" Aneksi
"Again with the whores of Isis! What's a bitch gotta do to get paid? I'm a slut of Isis. Get your shit straight!"

Anna Vermouth
"Halloween never really ends, it just goes out of style for some."

Eliana Williams
"I have an open mind, but don't want an open skull to go with it."

Joy Livingstone
"You don't stop a train going full speed by standing in front of it, even if you're a Mage."

Laura Gray
"Sounds like you would get along with the semen demons... I mean, Lamassu."

Karl Wynnhurst
"You better not say 'to the fairest' or so help me I'll eat you."

Altair Ogram Em Ashkabaken
"Um... guys. Run... I ... I MIGHT HAVE OVERDONE IT!"

Brian Weeks Ab Sabra
" the dust is haunted, awesome."

Joy Livingstone
"I need a shower. And the next time someone says 'swamp', my answer will be 'no'."

"You mean you don't keep your own private sex dungeon full of chained Dreamers? What kind of kingdom is this?"

Michael Radcliffe
"His name is 'Tutu?' The poor man, no wonder he's evil."

Armand Harper Jr.
"Well Hello there " He says as John Wayne " What ya Doin?"- Armand right before getting Shot with Lightning by a Stormrider spirit.

"Yeah, I get all the Sidhe girls down here to do freaky things with a hot poker." He deadpans back. "Lay back on the anvil and think of Arcadia."

Kaleb Bennett
::Nods slowly and chuckles quietly to himself:: "Quite true, I suppose I'm just spitballing with an invisible man while crouching in an insane asylem's bushes."

Sig Thorirsson
::Sig looks up at the beast as his wounds fall away: "Death can not be killed"

Emerald Everett
"This break in has been provided by Onstar collect services. Thank you, Captalism."

Michael Radcliffe
"Agreed." ::Michael raises his hand once more. He sneers, as he begins tapping into his Lore again.:: "Here's your 'Genesis:' Let there be light, filth."

Dante Orso
"She’s very cool and we get along like a pair of tits."

"ONSTAR! IT APPEARS YOU'VE BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT... ASSHOLE!" - Immediately after kicking a car clean off a road...

"Yea, the whole bit with Ra giving your children Sekhem at dawn really does make things weird. Like Nitrous for your uterus" -Altair on Vivian's accelerated pregnancy

Johnathan 'J.C.' Clarke
"Whatever the case, I do not plan to rub shoulders with the brood of Lucifer. They created Hollywood after all."

William Barclay
"Congratulations, you've entered a supernatural nexus of carnage and nonsense, in which shockingly attractive people solve mysteries and avert catastrophes with the regularity of Seinfeld reruns. So on and so forth."

Alaric Ashcroft
"But yet, you decry me - you call me nothing more than mortal... as if I ever wished to be something more. As if I ever needed to be anything more than that. For being mortal is to be everything - it is to experience all the potential that one ever can; to climb higher, to fall learn. Whatever you are now... whatever you've done to achieve... this." :He gestures to Adrian with his free hand.: "You have divorced yourself from that. And so you will never learn. Never grow... never know anything of what makes life worth living... or preserving. So I may be a mortal. But at least I still have the ability to be better than you. To learn from my mistakes, and yours."

Michael Radcliffe
"Gainesville is a dystopian hellscape. You're going to have to be more specific." (After being asked what they knew about the Happenings in Gainesville)

"If you have coin, Khaibit has wares"

Randall responding to an All-caps text:
"Stop yelling, I can read, I'm older than language itself I understand"\\