XP Log

Player: Set


Obvious Details:
Charisma 4 (Leadership 3)- He carries with him an aura of not only likability, but he holds an authority to lead others as if it has been tried and proven with experience.
Appearance 3: He's always been a decent looking person and since the Wraith comes back with how their ideal self looks, a lot can be taken from this small detail in one way or another.
Stamina 4 (Athletics 4) - His muscles show that he has worked out and it really shows. Those SWAT really have to be tip-top shape.
Red Smoke Pipe - He can be seen with this item as it was a gift from his late grandfather, so it holds special meaning for him even if he doesn't smoke. Hence, why even when he died, it came along with him even in death.
Silas had sky blue eyes, auburn hair, and stands at about 5'11 in height and used to weigh about 194 lbs. He is usually seen in his old SWAT fatigues, some things just stick with him, even in death.
Less Than Obvious Details:
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Banality Score: 4