XP Log

Player: Mal-akh


Appearance:: 2

Obvious Details:
(list here)

Less Than Obvious Details:

  • Code of Honor: There are certain lines he will not cross.
  • Atavistic Form: His Apocalyptic Form invokes an image of the Horseman of Death, and the Angel of Passover.
  • Dreams of the Past: Despite his low Legacy score, his subconscious will not let him forget who and what he is.


  • Strong Host: Sig Thorrirson is not dead yet...
  • Infamy: Ha-Mavet wasn't the most loyal of Lucifer's followers. The Tyrant is giving him a chance to prove himself, but other members of the Court regard him with suspicion.
  • Misinformed: He has some... unorthodox beliefs relating to his own Possession.

Banality Score: 5 Veil: +4 Status: +3 Eminence: 3