XP Log
Player: Lastoriadi


Joy is a lean, average tall, young woman with very light blond hair that reaches her shoulders (and that she often puts up in a messy bun) and big blue eyes, that seem even bigger behind the lenses of her glasses. She's not athletically built or strong, but she has a good sense of balance and good stamina. She tends to be sick less often than most humans and recovers faster.

Her clothes can be described as comfy, casual, sportswear or vintage, always very bright and colorful, occasionally trendy though usually by accident. She rarely wears heels, preferring flats, sneakers or derbys. She like hoodies, her gamebag is covered in brooches and stickers, and she has a smartphone with an owl-shaped phone case.

She looks like the typical art student, always her nose up staring at things only her seems to see or down in a notebook (unless she's using the notepad function of her smartphone). She's often found with paint streaks on her face and clothes, or with a brush in her hair (used as a makeshift hairpin).

She's soft-spoken, doesn't smile much but when she does, it usually reaches her ears. And when she laughs, her laughter is very soft and crystalline.

Obvious Details: Appearance 3: She wears large glasses because of a slight vision impediment, but is not colorblind like her dress code might suggest. Like most young people these days, she's often seen typing on her smartphone... Either that, or taking the most improbable pictures with the digital camera she keeps in her game-bag. She's cute, with her shoulder-length light blond hair and big blue eyes. She would probably look a lot better if she had a better sense of fashion and used real make-up instead of the occasional and random paint streaks on her face.
Mark of Favor: For those who've met the Goddess Figg, Joy's facial expression, eye and hair color bears some resemblance.
Wonder Tattoo: Joy has the image of an owl on a branch on her right ankle and foot (Design by Joy (10s), Tattoo by Gabriel). The tattoo is actually a Wonder that gives Joy an extra luck boost. (For every roll, One 1 is removed. Fame 3: Painter (Visual Artist), Party organizer (Sapphire Hotel, World of Illusions Gallery), Jewelry Maker (Joyous Jewelry (R)):

Less Than Obvious Details: Charisma 2, Arcane 1, Leadership 3: Without being timid, she used to be a bit shy, very soft-spoken and discreet by nature and is good at playing the pretty wallflower whenever she was invited to a party. You wouldn't notice she was there until you notice the flash of her camera. After talking to her, people often go home with new ideas but they're unable to remember who suggested it. However, further to being nominated Awakened throne and leader of the local Mage Continuum Study Chantry, Joy has gained an aura of leadership and her charisma has slightly increased. Now, whenever she speaks up, people listen (and that includes Altair).
Aversion for mistletoe: See Mark of Favor below.

Avatar: A lilac-colored chimera with a cat head. Sometimes it looks like a winged cat-guy with wings in a white tuxedo, other times he looks like a real cat with a toothy grin (like the Cheshire Cat).

Concentration (1): Joy is almost impossible to distract when her mind is set to something.
Bardic Gift (2): Joy is an extremely talented artist, and produces profoundly evocative and thought-provoking artwork. Reinforced by her gaining the Art of Desire practice during her Seeking for Arete 4.
True Love (4): With Michael Radcliffe. Love like Magick is a matter of how much you want for things to work out. The love she's been sharing with Michael for almost a year now makes her Will stronger. Also to add to the romantism of it all, due to her amnesia (or maybe it's just a fact), she doesn't remember ever falling in love with anyone else before Michael.
Charmed Existence (5): Because of her 'true love' (see above), fellow Mages and friends, Joy feels stronger and blessed against the odds.
Mark of Favor (3): From the Norse Goddess Figg (or Freya). Her eye color is more intense and softer, her hair is of a whiter blond. Figg's miracle : Mothers protection ( A motherly kiss or touch (on the forehead for example) or a hug can heal 1 levels lethal or 2 levels of bashing for Wounds and illness's but not poison. in addition all intentional lies to her are made at +2 Difficulty (mothers always know). Additionally mistletoe now saddens her and she has an allergy if she touches it. **Limited: After the fight against the Green Dragon and because of Karl Nordstrum's actions (forceflly summoning Freya and bargaining Joy's gift without telling her), Joy can now only use Figg's miracle (healing) once a month.**
(Mark of Favor)

Amnesia (2): Joy remembers nothing about her life prior to her Awakening.
Flashbacks (3): Joy's subconscious occasionally causes her to have flashbacks about her life before her Awakening. Without context, they only confuse and distract her, possibly resulting in emotional distress.
Poor eyesight (1): Joy wears glasses when she works/paints, she's what we call "farsighted" or long-sighted.

Banality Score: 5
Veil: +5
Status : 5 (Pillar of the Community)\\