XP Log

Player: Soneca


Irene is quite the short woman, she is what most people would describe as "Kinda cute". Nice figure, rosy cheeks but no perfect supermodel. She has a short curly blond hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen in her mechanic jumpsuit, which she patched with band logos or other designs, when working or in what people describe as "biker chick". Leather or jeans jackets simple shirts, bandanas, jeans and boots. Despite her profession she is rarely seen dirty in grease, she care to how she presents herself and it must be as clean as possible.

Fae mein: A short creature with a wild white hair of neck length, having faint red streaks. On her mouth the sharp and pointy teeth show whenever she speaks. Skin pale as snow with reddish cheeks and nose, swilrs and similar patterns can be found painted on her cheeks. Her nails are pointy and black, if its paint or their natural color it is unknow. When angered her mouth seems to fumminate with steam, reeking through he clenched teeth.

When it comes to fashion she mixes her mortal's look with the amazing Nocker fashion. Her leather jackets have complex golden designs on it, googles with reflective shades hang on her head or neck, high leather boots and dark colored skirt(or sometimes rough jeans with a tool belt). When found at fancy parties at all she will be wearing fancy suits, top hats and canes encrusted with beautiful gems. She doesn't have much love for tight dresses or that furkin stuff. Her pointy ear have been pierce, often having about 3 earings.

Obvious Details:Appearance 3
Short: Irene's very noticeable short for a woman her age

Less Than Obvious Details:\\