The Hunters of the South

For most mortals, Starke is but a dot on the map. To the few who live there, though, it is home. Those whose eyes are opened by the Heralds or even just answer the call recognize that friends, family, and loved ones are affected in many different ways by the underlying currents of the supernatural world, even if few Imbued or well equipped men truly agree on the best way to fix the problem and Inherit the Earth.

Who are the Hunters?

Who are the Imbued?

They are ordinary humans who are awakened to the presence of supernatural monsters through contact with the Messengers at a time of crisis. During this moment of imbuing, an individual sees the true nature of a supernatural creature or event, and either takes action or resolves to do so, confirming their status as a Hunter.

The Veterans

This section will highlight note-worthy Imbued of Starke, who can serve as allies and mentors to the young hunters. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.


Division Imbued

"Starke is our home. We have bled for this land and so have the supernaturals. Compromise can be achieved."

  • Grey Eye - EX-Overseer for the Starke Hunters. Retired
  • Overlord - Overlord06, the highest position known to the hunters of Starke in the food chain.
  • Father - Father09, the most formally involved hunter upper leadership with the Stake hunters.
  • The Messenger - The thing that brings these wild cards together and awaken them.

The Society of Leopald

"Let the righteous flames burn the beast and his conspirators! We shall not side with the enemy!"

  • To be announced...

The Foundation (Genesis)

"We do not fight to survive, we slaughter in his name and die in his light."

  • Valkyrie - Known head of Genesis - Killed in a showdown with Stark's protectors.
  • To be announced...

The Truly Virtuous

The Merciful

Notables of the Virtue of Mercy

Details to come

The Zealous

Notables of the Virtue of Zeal
Details to come

The Envisioning

Notables of the Virtue of Vision
Details to come

Notable Locals

Notable Locations

  • hunter-base-echo, An old 1960's bunker that was a black operations site set up during the Cuban missile crisis. Now forgotten by the U.S. Government and having no records / paper trail the base has been modified through extensive effort and money by both local hunters and a currently unknown benefactor.
  • iron-maiden-biker-pub, The previous private biker hangout for The Wingmen MC's local chapter reminiscent of an old Irish style pub/tavern and known Hunter meeting point in the suburbs of Jacksonville.