This page will contain snippets of information about the world at large, as used by STs. It will grow over time. This can be used In-Character to enrich your play, and contribute to the sense that this is an actual world inhabited by actual people.
Topics are indexed in accordance to the required ranks in the appropriate Lore.
If you want to contribute, contact Sindrillion?, Head ST, we are always happy to add more "Fluff".

This is a work in progress.


Description: Mundane Occult, Secret History, Esoterica, Fomori, Wraiths, Hunters, The Four Celestials (Gaia, Wyld, Weaver, Wyrm).

Lore: The Undead

Description: Vampires, Kuei-jin, Laibon and other undead. This includes gargoyles, ghouls and the power of Vitae.

Lore: Shape-changers

Description: Garou, Fera, Hengeyokai and other innate shape-changers. This includes the BSD and Skin dancers. The Four Celestials (Gaia, Wyld, Weaver, Wyrm).

Lore: Reborn

Description: Amenti, Wu-Ti'an, Teomallki and others who innately reborn.

Lore: Awakened

Description: Tradition Mages, Enlightened Technocrats, Disparate Crafts and other awakened will-workers. This includes Nephandi and Marauders. The Four Celestials (Gaia, Wyld, Weaver, Wyrm).

Rank 3

Lore: Gallain

Description: The Fae, Changling, Nunnehi, Menehune, Hsien and the Inanimae. This includes the Dauntain, Autumn People, Thallain and Dark Kin. Also includes study of the Wyld, the celestial who is the birther of the Dreaming.