XP Log


Player: Eucretius Daxis


Dante is 29 years old. He's almost supernaturally attractive, well-built, and an outgoing guy. He owns a bar, called Dante's Inferno in Jacksonville, a rockin' night club with 9 distinct rooms with their own vibe. Dante's casually dating a few guys. He's everybody's friend, gay, straight, man, woman ...beast (stray dogs tend to follow him home, kinda like stray people). He tries to help whenever and however he can. As a result of all of this, he has attracted a lot of followers and hangers-on. Strays, people and dogs, tend to follow him around.

Obvious Details:
Appearance 5/Strength 4/ Dexterity 4: Athletic, good-looking and easy to talk to. Hawt and Captivating

Less Than Obvious Details:
Avatar 3: For those who can see it, Dante's avatar is an everchanging watery figure that pulses to the beat of music.

Banality Score:4