Council Inventory

The following items are sold by the Starke Council.


ItemTass Cost
Vessels8 Tass per dot
Cross Dynastic Magic Training10 for the first dot, then +5 for each additional dot
Cross Dynastic spells/RitualsSpell level in tass
Access to Unbound Scroll repository10 Tass
Mummy Lore3 for 1 dot justification 6 for 2, must be purchased separately for each major dynasty


ItemTass Cost
Garou Lore3 Tass for the first dot, 6 for the second (Garou will not teach Shifter/Garou lore 3 to outsiders)


ItemTass Cost
Out of Clan Discipline Training10¹ per dot
Undead Lore3 Tass for the first dot 6 for the second

¹For Clan-specific Disciplines such as Chimerstry, Quietus etc. the cost is doubled.


ItemTass Cost
Fey Lore3 Tass for the first dot. 5 for the second, must be bought separately for Arcadian sidhe


ItemTass Cost
Wonder1.2*creation cost
Spell cast1-3 per sphere dot needed, depending on context
Awakened Lore3 for 1-dot justification, 5 for 2-dot justification
Library UseFree for 1 dot, 1 for full library or free for chantry member
Library backgroundFree for 1 dot justification, 2 and 5 for 2-3, double for a 2 xp discount on each dot (2 on first dot)
Sanctum help2 for justification, 6 per dot desired for 2 xp point discount up to 3 (reduce by 2 for chantry members)


ItemTass Cost
Infernal RelicNumber of Lore dots involved x 2
Use of the Sapphire Library (one-day pass)3
Demonology Secondary Skill Justification3 for the first dot 5 for the second
Occult 4: Infernalism Justification (must get to Occult 3 by yourself)4


ItemTass Cost


ItemTass Cost
Umbral Lore3 for the first dot, 5 for the second