Dreaming and Dreamers of the South:

Where there is a mind, it dreams. And when it dreams, it creates. Like anywhere in the world, the Fae world of Florida is as much a creation of its mundane citizens as it is of the Fair Folk who bask in its Glamour.
The state of Florida is known to the Kithian as the Kingdom of the White Sands. Ruled by Queen Morgana of House Gwydion from her adobe in Caer Flamingo, the entire Kithian society here takes a distinct Spanish flavour to its feudal system. Born out of the dreams, and nightmares, of both Conquisidors and Explorers, Natives and Immigrants, Traders and Merchants, The Near Dreaming of Florida is a cauldron of the dreams of those who move, explore and discover, and the nightmares of war, plague and displacement.
Jacksonville and the surrounding area is the domain and realm of Tremore Halsey of House Gwydion, Duke of the Duchy of the First Coast, who rule his realm from his Freehold of Seven Bridges.
Florida's Feudal Divisions can be found Here

A note on arrivals

It is mandate by Fae law that new arrivals to a domain present themselves in court. However, Starke doesn't have a court, it has a welcome comity. Please contact the Changeling ST for a welcome scene.

The Fairer Folks

This section will highlight note-worthy Kithian of the area, who can serve as allies and mentors to the young dreamers. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.

European Kith

The Council of Commons
Employed by Duke Tremore to represent a sense of slight democratic reform, the Council of Commons is composed of a notable member of each of the common Kith. Most of its members are household Knights of the Duke.
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Notables of Native North American Kith
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Notables of Pacific Islander Kith
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Notables of Far east Kwannon-jin
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Near-East Kith
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Indian Kith
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Sub-Saharan Kith
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First Dreams

Australasian Kith
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Crafted Kith
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The Enchanted

Notable Mortals
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Notable Locals

Call Street Historic District - Centre of the Starke Fae, it holds several buildings with a Dreaming side.
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