With this Background, your character has official papers that allow her to pursue some regulated activity.
Unless your character has managed to obtain a permit without the proper training, you’ll need at least one dot in a related Ability for each dot in this Background.
One can pursue this ability without it, but Certification grants a bonus on it when related to legal matters
For small permits one can also purchase merits to show a singular permit while certification is a general legal status that your character has
X The usual stuff – driver’s license, government ID card, nothing special.
• Concealed weapons permit, Hunting license, business license, passport to an open country, etc.
•• Teaching certificate, bodywork license, PADI certification, CPA, trucker’s or motorcycle license, basic firearms permit, etc.
••• HAZMAT disposal license, church-ordained clergy, lifeguard certification, private investigator’s license, private pilot’s permit, etc.
•••• Class C weapons permit, board-certified medical or legal professional, professional aircraft pilot’s license, government intelligence operative, etc.
••••• Diplomatic immunity, license to kill.