The Prince of Gainesville

Antonin Demeskue is a bit of an odd duck for a Venture. But most who have taken the time and effort to learn the art of Primordial from the Gangrel would be.

He's old. 9th generation, and has run Gainesville for nearly a hundred years. Until the attack by the Sabbat.


Think 'grandpa the vampire' He's very in touch with his humanity and as far as evil vamps go, he's the most human you'll find around. He cares for humans, and deep down sees the curse of Caine as something he intends to use to protect humanity. Even from itself. He would never EVER say that openly, but he does allow it to guide some of his decisions.

He is kind, as kind as a blood sucking vampire can be, and has been around long enough to know how to lead.

His first action as prince was to take embracing rights from the Malkavians, as he knew the first step to surviving as a prince is... paradoxically... to make enemies. And the Malkavians were his chosen target. They have almost no rights within his holdings, and have to ask to do anything. Not that any were left alive after the incursion...

He rules with an iron fist gloved in velvet, as any proper Ventrue should. The Clan of Kings is not without subtlety.

He is deeply concerned with the situation. Having seen Qetu the night of the attack. Though as of now he knows nothing of the Bane mummies other than her face... once he learns more he will be more concerned.

That is enough to make him want to work with others, and its enough to make him accept changes to see the Sabbat and this 'creature' taken down.