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Conviction Log

Player: Sanityleak


Angelica stands 5'6, and bears a perpetual look of being pissed off at life. Despite her actual feelings on the situation, she always comes across on the surface as less than approachable. She keeps a clean, meticulous look of bangs and ponytail. Her accent betrays her Latino heritage. She doesn't stand out terribly in either regard, striking or memorable. She tends to dress casually or in scrubs depending on where she's at.

Obvious Details:
Angelica's expression often gives the false impression of being aloof or difficult to read, coming off as .
(Poker Face- Reduce dif of intim/subterfuge/resist-intim by -2, +2 for others to attempts against her to read,seduce,torture,etc)

(Fae Affinity- -2 to all social rolls with Changelings, and -2 to attempts for them to gain glamour from you)

Less Than Obvious Details:
Recently given and carries:
Short sword +2L/dif 4
Magical Engagement Ring

Desert Eagle (Less often)

Works at the Starke Regional Medical Center
Subs an ER Doctor at Jacksonville
Current Imbued Throne Council Member (Status 2) - ??
Credentialed ER Doctor \ Local Hunter - ??

Last known was involved in an explosion event and hospitalized in a coma
Appears to have checked out of the hospital but made not attempt to contact anyone

Banality Score: 5