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Player: Glyff


Altair Ogram Ashkabaken

Altair is rather nondescript, and purposefully so. He has enough problems without looking unique. He keeps most of his scars hidden, and grows his hair out to hide those on his head. The only ones regularly visible are the ones on his chest, specifically the large ankh carved into his flesh.

Obvious Details:
Altair is the owner of Ogram Surplus. An army surplus store in the city.

Less Than Obvious Details:
Altair is a very scarred individual. His eyes, his neck, his wrists, and his arms bear deep cut marks. It is clear that this man has been through a lot in his life, though his personality barely shows it... often

What the members of the Starke Council know:
Altair is reborn, an immortal. And undeniably powerful. His three part soul makes him a being that is hard to gauge, hard to judge, and hard to predict. He is impossibly durable, faster than some vampires, and as strong as a Garou. And that's before he starts throwing fireballs at people.

Those close to him know the names of his three component souls.

Altair is the primary component of his soul, and the owner of the body they inhabit. He is intelligent, pragmatic and sarcastic

Ashkabaken, the Lion of the Sands, is Altair's Tem'ahk, the first soul joined to his own. And this joining makes him a member of House Sefekhi. A warrior, a hunter, and an absolute animal.

Yen Lo Wong
The last to join their agreement, Yen Lo Wong is a phoenix belonging to the Wu Tian, their joining was experimental and as of yet has had no real fruit, but he does aid in stabilizing their soul and keeping Ashkabaken in his cage

Banality Score: 5